Welcome to 3 Day Startup 2017

Every year, 3 Day Startup applies insight from hundreds of experiments in ecosystems large and small into our curriculum. With the 2017 update, 3DS is the world’s most refined program for discovering and growing student entrepreneurs. Find out about our newest additions below.

Investor 101

This new learning module helps students understand and navigate the different funding channels in the startup world: from crowdfunding to VC investment. This module ensures that participants know what steps they can take to bring their venture to life.

Structured Mentoring

Many programs use mentorship as a free for all, networking approach that can be overwhelming for students and frustrating for mentors. Our structured framework ensures that our participants as much mentorship as possible from as many mentors as possible.


Office Hours

Office Hours give participants to opportunity to have a 1-on-1 conversation with a mentor or facilitator, related to their 3DS project or a separate startup idea. These sessions help build a foundation for continuing relationships post-program.

3DS Checkpoint

The bulk of the work launching a company begins after 3 Day Startup. 3DS Checkpoint takes place after the intensive program and helps student entrepreneurs launch their startups by understanding essential next steps while avoiding common pitfalls

Post-Program Mentor Relations

Finding and maintaining the right mentor is a game-changer for an early startup. 3DS Checkpoint prepares students to convert initial mentor meetings into relationships that get their startups launched.

Product- Market Fit

Students at 3 Day Startup focus on building a solution that solves a customer pain. Checkpoint takes this one step further by teaching participants how to move from Problem-Solution fit to Product-Market fit.


Students can wrongly believe that an idea or pitch is sufficient for funding. Most, however, are not ready to begin funding for some time; Checkpoint helps them understand the funding landscape and prepare for that stage.

Monitoring and Evaluation

3 Day Startup has developed data-driven evaluations of program impact and participant progress. Through this evaluation, 3DS is able to make sure that programing is always helping to prepare participants for success.


Program Survey Assessments

3 Day Startup participants receive pre- and post-program surveys developed by our Director of Research to measure change over the course of the program through self-assessment.

Data-Driven Mentoring

Entrepreneurship experts who attend the 3DS programs evaluate student teams using a proprietary evaluation rubric that provides real-time, quantitative feedback to participants throughout the weekend.


Long-Term Alumni Success

3 Day Startup supports alumni and their ventures through an Annual Post-Program Alumni Check-In that spotlights alumni success and helps us to design follow-on materials and resources to fit alumni needs.

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Alumni Benefits

With a new year comes new and improved benefits for 3DS alumni. 3 Day Startup 2017 offers more continued engagement and networking opportunities than ever before.

3DS: "The Week After"

3DS 2017 delivers content curated specifically for alumni following the program to provide further resources, continue student engagement with the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and expand their knowledge-base.

A Growing Network

The 3DS network is constantly expanding was we run new and continued programs across the globe. Alumni can tap into this network to find cofounders, mentors, and potential investors for their ventures.

Global Roundup

The annual 3DS conference brings together past-participants, organizers, and mentors from all over the world to network and take their startup to the next level. Keynote speakers and sessions are curated for the needs and interests of attendees.