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Entrepreneurship and innovation are empowering forces. They have the capacity to change communities, countries, and the world. But for many students, starting a company can seem an impossible and insurmountable task. That’s why 3 Day Startup has proudly challenged this notion for the past 8 years.

And on the weekend of September 23rd, we will be celebrating our 300th program.

A key component of the 3DS model is the experience of  growing from a student with an idea into an entrepreneur with a viable venture. All through learning-by-doing. Entrepreneurs are people of action; they are people who will do what it takes to make their vision a reality.

The 3DS alumni, community, and mentors have this quality in spades. So, as a way of commemorating this moment in 3DS’ journey, we want to pull everyone within our community together to help us achieve 300 donors by our 300th program.

It is your continued support that allows us to keep pushing forward and growing to reach students in new colleges and new countries. Just as it was your support that brought us to where we are now.

In 2008, 3DS didn’t have the wide network, manpower, or curriculum that we have today. The first program was simply an idea born from students who saw a problem and decided to do something about it. They saw that students could attend talks, sit in lectures, and read books about entrepreneurship. But there was no avenue for students to turn their ideas into action: until 3DS.

Eight years later, 3DS has empowered over 11,000 students to act on their ideas, start their own companies, and refine their visions in 30 different countries and 150 different schools. And soon we will be able to add the achievement of 300 programs to that lineup. That we reach this milestone with simultaneous programs in Davidson, North Carolina (where our CEO Cam Houser got his start) and Queensland, Australia (on the other side of the world) signifies just how far we’ve come.

CEO Cam Houser at the 3DS Global Roundup

This milestone also proves what 3DS has been adamant about all along: that with the right tools and mindset, innovative and entrepreneurial ideas can arise anywhere, whether that’s a small, southern liberal arts college or a campus 7,000 miles from Silicon Valley.

Your donation will allow us to continue providing to best tools and support to budding entrepreneurs across the globe. We know that our program works from schools like MIT and Harvard to small, rural schools in Alabama and Israel. Help us keep reaching those schools (and our next 300 programs) by contributing today!


Give to the 3DS 300 by 300 giving campaign by visiting our Generosity page here.

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