3 Day Startup’s Global LinkedIn Network

Welcome to the 3DS Global Network. We are excited to watch you grow, impact your community, and fulfill your potential. The easiest way for you to benefit from our network of over 8,000 students in communities spanning six continents is by adding 3 Day Startup under “Experience” on your LinkedIn profile. This allows you to find other 3DS alum and for them to find you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Happy connecting!

Steps to Become a part of the 3DS Global Network:

  • Make sure you have a LinkedIn. It essential that you have an online presence on this networking engine to optimize your career potential.
  • Under “Experience”, add 3 Day Startup [School Name] as the company name.
  • Include your title as either a Lead Organizer or Participant
  • Add the time you were involved. Don’t forget that pre and post activities count.
    1. For example, as a participant, if you attended a pre-bootcamp and post-3DS rendezvous meetings, you can allocate those events to the time spent working with 3DS.
  • Include one Description of Experience (see below templates).
  • Click save.
  • Join the 3 Day Startup group on LinkedIn. You will be approved when your 3DS experience is saved on your profile.
  • Start connecting with other 3 Day Startup alum and stay in touch with us! Make sure you personalize your connection request.
    1. For example, to connect with other participants of your program, you can say something like, “Hi Mike, It was great working alongside you this weekend at 3DS! I look forward to staying in touch.”
    2. To connect with your facilitator, you can use “Hi Alexis, Thanks so much for leading such an awesome 3DS program this weekend. I’d love to stay in touch!”
    3. To connect with a lead organizer at another school, say “Hi Sarah, I saw that you organized a 3DS at your campus – I’m organizing my school’s first program and I’d appreciate any advice you can offer! Thanks.”

Example Descriptions of Experience for Your Profile:

Lead Organizer, 3 Day Startup [School Name]

  • Organized a 72-hour learning-by-doing campus program that teaches entrepreneurial skills to [x number of students] university students
  • Led team of [x number of members on organizing team] through a [x number of months to organize] months-long initiative to ensure successful preparation prior to program launch date including fundraising, promotion, applicant interviews, and recruitment of mentors and panelists
  • Managed all logistics for the weekend to ensure a successful, well-run program

Program Participant, 3 Day Startup [School Name]

  • Applied and was accepted as a participant for 3 Day Startup [Program Name], a 72-hour intensive learning-by-doing entrepreneurship program
  • Worked on team of [number of team members] to create and pitch an idea for a [startup description]
  • Role specific bullet – wrote code for [app], designed marketing materials for [company], developed customer discovery tools for [company], etc.