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David is proud to be associated with an organization like 3 Day Startup that makes it its mission to create opportunity and support communities through entrepreneurial education that is both dynamic and inclusive. He firmly believes in this mission because he know that his ancestors were deprived of opportunities to tap into their entrepreneurial genius, to receive equal educational opportunities, or to live in a society that values diversity and inclusion.

Today, David works for the city of Austin’s Economic Development Department. He loves his team because they lead with equity and inclusion as they think about economic development on a local, regional and global scale. For readers interested in economic development or entrepreneurship, sustainability or equality, David encourages this: 


“Make sure that as you move forward in your career or in your venture or in your pursuit of whatever brings you the most joy that you do it in a way that’s authentic and that’s inclusive.”

He says that as we move forward, we can’t afford to leave people behind, especially now in a time when many of us are dealing with the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of environmental and social injustices that continue to affect communities to this day. David implores you to join 3 Day Startup in the pursuit of bringing entrepreneurship education to all communities, especially historically underserved communities.

He also encourages readers to make sure that you’re really leading with equity and inclusion as we grow our communities, and as we cultivate entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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