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Tolu sees herself as a connector of people, as someone who can help to bring the strengths, ideas and opportunities that others create, together to form a powerful and impactful mission or a cause. Based in Dallas, Texas, she’s involved in a number of initiatives.

First of all, she’s a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners as a faculty member within the 2022 mentoring program. In addition to that, Tolu is also developing an initiative of her own called All Things Black and Beautiful, which seeks to amplify Black-owned businesses through collaboration and community.

Ultimately, the idea behind that is to create a platform that Black business owners can use to network to grow their skills and their connections. But at the same time, work together to help to alleviate poverty and to address some of the critical issues in their communities that’s limiting business and growth and entrepreneurship.

For an entrepreneur who wants to make a positive impact in the world, Tolu’s advice is to understand the need you are trying to solve for.

What is that need? What is that problem that you’re really trying to resolve? When you understand the need and you can understand how you can alleviate those needs, then you create value, and if you can generate value, you will generate impact. And ultimately that impact will resonate and create a legacy.

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