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July 8-10, 2016

3 Day Startup inspires and guides university students around the world to turn their ideas into companies. Across 300 programs on 6 continents, 3DS has built a powerful network of entrepreneurs, investors, organizers and mentors.


The Global Roundup conference brings the 3DS community together for 3 days of sessions, networking, keynotes and workshops for early stage entrepreneurs to launch their startups.

2016 Conference Photos

2016 Conference Sessions

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUL8KBjKKQw]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSpbuezM7_Y]

2016 Keynote Speakers

Ash Maurya

Ash is the author of two books, including Running Lean and Scaling Lean. He has been building web-based products for over a decade. Ash excels at helping entrepreneurs raise their odds of success.

Brett Hurt

Brett is currently the CEO and cofounder of data.world. Brett was cofounder of BazaarVoice in 2005, and since then has been a partner, mentor and board member of multiple startups and accelerators.

Tim Novikoff

Tim Novikoff, cofounder of Fly Labs and a graduate of 3DS Cornell, has run the gamut of the startup experience. Tim’s talk walks us through Fly Labs’ experiences negotiating with venture capitalists, going through a top accelerator, and finally being acquired by Google.

2016 Agenda

We’re still hammering out the 2017 Global Roundup agenda. Want a taste of what to expect? Take a look at the 2016 agenda.

What is the Global Roundup?
The Global Roundup is a conference for 3 Day Startup participants, organizers, facilitators, mentors, and panelists, as well as the general public. It’s an opportunity to meet other inspired, brilliant people and take your startup to the next level.
I've never participated in 3 Day Startup. Can I still attend?
Absolutely. While the Global Roundup was designed for past participants, organizers, mentors, and panelists, we do have non-3DS tickets available. Non-3DSers have blended in perfectly and made great connections at past Global Roundup conferences.
Is it possible to have my trip subsidized?
Possibly. Many universities have funding available for student entrepreneurs to attend startup conferences and pitch competitions. Contact us for more details.
Where should I stay?
There are lots of great options in the heart of downtown Austin, but you’ll want to book your bed as soon as you can. Some suggestions:

  • Cheap: Firehouse youth hostel is literally across the street.
  • Moderate: Airbnb has great rooms around Austin. You can even stay in an old, vintage airstream.
  • Pricey: The Hilton and Driskill are nearby, and the Omni is downstairs.
Are tickets refundable?
Tickets are not refundable, but you can transfer them to someone else.
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