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This past November, 3 Day Startup sent CEO Cam Houser and Director of New Projects Alexis Taylor to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India. We were invited by the US Embassy Vienna through the Austria to Austin program thanks to our strong partnership and commitment to growing emerging entrepreneurial leaders.

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit was sparked out of a talk that President Obama gave in Cairo in 2009 about how entrepreneurship can be a key component to developing countries around the world to grow and expand their economies and encourage more people to become economically independent.

From that goal, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit emerged as a way to unite entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters, around the world each year. 1,500 of these stakeholders attended the 2017 Summit on behalf of their countries and invited by US Embassies.

This year’s the theme was Women First, Prosperity for All, a theme that resonates deeply with 3 Day Startup’s mission as a nonprofit organization to activate the entrepreneurial potential of students everywhere. And the 52% female Summit provided ample discussion, planning, and inspiration to help lift up female entrepreneurs at a global level and provide role-models for emerging female entrepreneurs.

According to Taylor: “The Summit facilitated interaction and bonding between the attendees that can continue to grow networks and affect change. Prominent speakers like Ivanka Trump and Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi powerfully drove home the importance of the Summit theme and offered practical advice for incorporating women more fully into the global economy. However, what I appreciated most about the Summit was the opportunity to have so many inspiring conversations while I was there about how entrepreneurship is impacting lives. The work that we do at 3 Day Startup is global, so being able to understand where these people are coming from is extremely beneficial to achieving our mission and spreading impact.”

Connecting the entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters from these different, international ecosystems can be extremely powerful. Getting all of these people in a room together can offer different, important perspectives and support the kind of wide-spread, long-lasting change that we want to see in ecosystems. And 3 Day Startup was proud to attend on behalf of the United States and contribute to that conversation.

3 Day Startup CEO Cam Houser said of the experience, “It was a joy and honor to represent the United States at this gathering and learn about international entrepreneurial communities as well as celebrate women entrepreneurs.” 3DS hopes to grow partnerships, learn from industry experts, and reach more budding entrepreneurs through opportunities such as the Summit so that we may continue our mission.

3 Day Startup has partnered with the United States State Department from 2012 on with the Embassy in Qatar and has since worked with the Embassy Lisbon, the Embassy Brasilia, and the Embassy Vienna. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the coming years and developing entrepreneurs from across the globe.