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Meet Chandell Stone, Vice President of Programs at 3DS. Chandell has led the design and launch of our Women’s Accelerator, the ULTRApreneur Fellowship, and Inclusive Innovation Events. Her goal is to make entrepreneurship education accessible and affirming to marginalized groups and under-resourced communities. Chandell brings fresh perspective, deep experience, and bold leadership to the 3DS team.

What does the 3DS mission (To create opportunity and build community through entrepreneurship education that is dynamic and inclusive) mean to you? 

I began my career as an educator believing expanded access to a high quality education was key to propelling more people of color into the middle class. I still believe this to be true, and have found entrepreneurship education to be critical, yet often overlooked in the schema of content relayed to historically marginalized communities. Empowered with the principles of entrepreneurship, underrepresented founders can birth innovative solutions to some of our world’s most pressing issues, as well as methodically transform existing institutions. I’m excited to be a part of an organization committed to a mission with such a far-reaching potential for impact.

What is your personal mission in the universe? 

As an international organization, I believe we have a responsibility to ensure that our alumni base is reflective of the diversity of the global youth population. Therefore, I look forward to expanding programming to more geographical regions, especially in Africa and Latin America. Additionally, creating more inclusive content that expands access and interest in under resourced communities, will support 3DS in realizing its mission. This work has begun with Womxn Lead CDMX, a 6-week course that we launched early Feb, and will continue to expand in meaningful ways across the globe.

Any advice for entrepreneurs that want to make positive change in the world?

Remain laser focused on solving your customers’ problems and the right product/service will emerge.

To learn more about Chandell and the rest of our team, check out our team page!

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