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3 Day Startup is collaborating with Mexico City partners to launch the Womxn LEAD CDMX Accelerator. The six-week, bootcamp style program will welcome fifteen founders on February 1st and culminate in a demo day on March 8th. The cohort has been sponsored by Centraal – a local coworking space.

Chandell Stone, VP of Programs has lead this initiative. “Womxn LEAD CDMX is about empowering diverse women to explore their passions and expand their reach through collective accountability and dynamic entrepreneurship training. This program contributes to Mexico City’s growing start-up community by ensuring women have access to the tools they need to start and grow profitable companies. This program has been designed by and for women (including trans women).”

The program is designed to help young women entrepreneurs in Mexico City access the tools, information, and professional network to launch and grow their business venture. With six weeks of virtual mentorship and training led by 3DS, founders will build critical skills in customer validation, product positioning, and raising capital.

“We can observe the gender gap in entrepreneurship globally which leaves reduced access to role models, professional networks, and funding for founders of all underrepresented genders.” said Erika Haskins, CEO, 3 Day Startup. “We typically see women absorb a majority of family and caregiving responsibilities, and they also make up a higher percentage of single parents.  Given these committments and other factors, women are pursuing entrepreneurship as an alternative to traditional 9-5 jobs, and sometimes out of pure necessity.  We have to build the support systems.”

Global Wealth Report by Credit Suisse shows that women hold 40% of wealth worldwide. Haskins says, “Entrepreneurship is a key lever in womens’ empowerment and ability to build financial assets in order to close this gap.”

“We understand the complexities of executing ideas and the specific challenges faced by underrepresented groups. Our team and our global network are here to support founders by providing access to training, community, customers, and capital” said Stone.  “Based on each community’s needs and opportunities, 3DS tailors its recruitment and training curriculum to ensure equitable learning opportunities for women founders.

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