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Meet Adrianna Cantu!

This week our Ask an Innovator theme is hiring, and we will be sharing words of wisdom from the co-founder and CEO of Revealix Inc., Adrianna Cantu! Revealix is developing an innovative imaging software service enabling point-of-care screening and early discovery of vascular and diabetic limb complications. They are making huge strides in advancing the healthcare technology industry, and we are so excited to share advice from the successful entrepreneur and innovator behind it all!

1. When hiring, what’s your first step?

“I operate from the axiom, ‘recruit the heart – unleash the mind’, so I look for someone who is ‘all-in’ with our company’s mission.  Once you recruit the heart, you open an unbridled capacity for ingenuity and a drive to succeed. Together, you feel unstoppable and that’s an incredibly energizing and powerful force to operate from. I’ve been fortunate to lead such passionate teams. I look back in amazement and pride at not only what we achieved, but also how rewarding it was to do it as a team.”


2. What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting out?

Show up. The strength and caliber of your network will prove to be one of the most rewarding and valuable takeaways from your journey as a founder. Entrepreneurial peers, advisors and prospective investors are easy to find. Recognize that you cannot do this alone. Immerse yourself into the startup community and give as much as you get.

Read up. So many have come before you, so learn from them! Read their books, their blogs, follow them on social media, learn who they follow. And read as much as you can about the specific area you’re trying to conquer.

Listen up. Test and validate your key assumptions. Are you hearing the feedback?  Are you picking up on clues from discussions with prospective customers? Do advisors and investors keep asking about a certain assumption in your business model?

Gear up. Accumulate the tools, training and talent to arrive at your next meeting, pitch opportunity or investor meeting ready and confident.

Rest up. Gotta stay healthy.  Success as an entrepreneur will require the very best of you – so bring it! When you are physically, emotionally and spiritually fortified you can lead others in your vision of what could be, and one day lead a company that delivers on that vision.”


3. In your opinion, what is the most important skill an entrepreneur should foster?

“Quite simply – grit, tenacity, focus and a voracious appetite to keep learning and pivoting smartly and swiftly.

Focus on getting to your next milestones and don’t get swayed by distractions (the highs, lows and No’s) – and there will be plenty.

Leverage tools like Business Model or Lean Canvas to prioritize where/how to dedicate your time, effort and resources. You can gain so much knowledge online – for free! – about your industry, the competition, lessons learned from other entrepreneurs – so many things that will help you be smarter about your journey.

Let’s be honest, starting a company is a rather audacious way to go about bringing change to the world. For those who decide to take that bold leap into entrepreneurship, I encourage them to begin with a ‘growth’ mindset.  This path will help you grow in ways that you might not otherwise and by that very metric, success will come no matter what becomes of your startup.

This is why I love the quote by Nelson Mandela, ‘I never lose. I either win, or I learn.’ Entrepreneurship is exciting, it’s challenging… and it will forever change you! Embrace this change because I promise, it’ll be for the better!”


A huge thank you to Adrianna for such inspiring and motivating advice! Keep an eye out next Thursday for the third Ask an Innovator blog post, the theme will be community outreach and event promotion!