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Meet Jonathan Rosenberg!

Welcome back to our blog post series: Ask an Innovator. This week’s theme is technology consulting with Jackrabbit Mobile’s CEO and founder, Jonathan Rosenberg. Jackrabbit Mobile is a technology consulting firm that helps clients define and build digital products that solve their business needs.

  1. When starting out the technology consulting process, what’s your first step?

    “We use our standardized onboarding process to qualify the client to make sure we are the right fit for their product. Then we validate each step to determine which feature is the most valuable. We want to iterate on the most valuable feature with each sprint which gives our clients the best chance to receive the highest ROI for every dollar they spend.”


  1. What advice would you give yourself if you were just beginning technology consulting?

    “The best advice I got was from Tony Averbeck who said, ‘find 3 customers who pay you for the same product at the same price for a similar reason.’ Then you know you have a business, the business is not proven before that. The 1st job of a CEO is sales.

    During the 1st year of business, there was more conflict that there needed to be in the organization between team member. The 2nd piece of advice I got was from a mentor named Mike Haney, who emphasize making sure you have the right team; that is something you can control as a leader and has some of the highest impact. If your team is not productive and there is a bunch of conflict, then you likely don’t have the right team. Find people that are team players; meaning, people who put the team before themselves.”

    3. In your opinion, what is the single most important resource for creating a good product strategy?

    Read books, case studies, articles, etc, from the experts. Running Lean and Design Sprints are two good books to get started with to validate your idea. Do market validation on large investments and use 1st principle thinking to remove distractions and keep everyone laser-focused on building a high growth trajectory for the product.”


Well, there you have it! Thank you so much to Jonathan for providing some great insight on technology consulting. Stay up to date and in the loop on all things entrepreneurial with our Ask an Innovator series. Next Thursday’s theme will be customer discovery!