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Meet Nina Ho!

Welcome back to our blog series: Ask an Innovator. This week we will be focusing on the theme community outreach and event production. We were fortunate enough to talk with Nina Ho, collective blue’s CEO and founder!

Based in Austin, TX, collective blue is a lifestyle brand that supports diverse, creative millennial through digital content, event production, and products. Multicultural Millennials (i.e. minorities and immigrants) lack opportunities to promote and sell their creative goods and services. collective blue finds ways to support these individuals and their communities. Their goal is to economically fill that market need while simultaneously building community on a social level.


  1. When starting community outreach and event production, what’s your first step?

“The first thing that our team does before producing any event is to create an event brief. It’s our template that defines everything from our audience to the run of show, budget, tasks, etc.”


  1. What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting the community outreach and event production process?

“The advice that I’d give to myself would be to be patient with the process – whether that’s in regards to community outreach, event production, or entrepreneurship in general. One of the biggest lessons that I’m learning as an entrepreneur is that my timeline should be on the scale of years and decades and not weeks and months. Great things take time to unfold and mature”.


  1. In your opinion, what is the single most important resource for community outreach and event production?

“The most important resource for collective blue is our network / the community. From artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, other event producers, to venue managers, we are able to do what we do because of our relationships with others.” Saying that entrepreneurship is hard is an understatement. I find strength and motivation through self-awareness and having a community that supports me.”


“On a personal level, I work to cultivate my inner fortitude (mentally, physically, and emotionally) by always learning from others, reading, working out, and practicing self-care – knowing when I need to rest, be alone, take a walk, etc. On a social level, I invest in personal and professional relationships – they’re usually intertwined – with those who care about me. Having a group of friends and advisors whom I trust and can open up to helps me to more objectively recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in your own head especially when you’re grinding all the time, and it’s important to have people you trust to pull you out and help you recenter.      

I would encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to work on both self-awareness (for example, by writing out their values, strengths, weaknesses, goals, boundaries, self-care routines, etc.) and seeking out relationships that will help them grow in the long run – from professional mentors to supportive friends and future collaborators.”


Well, there you have it! Thank you so much Nina for your all advice and your dedication to multicultural inclusion and creativity. Come back and check out the 3DS blog next Thursday for advice on technology consulting!