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Meet Olivia Hernandez!

Olivia is the founder and owner of Hernandez Hospitality, and today she will be sharing her insight on networking! Hernandez Hospitality is a catering and events company that trains its own workforce and reinvests its volume discounts directly into worker’s wages and the Nourish Foundation, their non-profit support services and culinary education project.


  1. When starting to network, what’s your first step?

“I try to do my research to be concise and compelling in my asks or intros and add links to more information in emails. I always include why I think their input, introduction to someone, or resource is important to me or them so we don’t waste each other’s time.”


  1. What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting the networking process?

“Go to that networking event and reply to that follow-up email in a timely manner. Always, show up. Respect the social vouchers your mentors and network contacts give you.”


  1. In your opinion, what’s the single most important resource for networking?

“Find that one friend or mentor that is very connected and always connecting everyone and learn from them. A natural networker will always be happy to help you learn the ropes and introduce you.

Remember that networking isn’t just about taking. You have to be a resource and give back to your network with your best efforts in return.”


A huge thank you to Olivia for her advice on networking! Stay on the lookout for our next Ask an Innovator post, and gain insider knowledge on a different entrepreneurial theme in every post.