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We are back with our second Austria to Austin Alumni Spotlight! This week, we’re so excited to share achievements and insight from Christoph Krofitsch. As an ATA 1.0 member, Christoph was one our first participants and has found a lot of success since his 2016 exchange.

Where do you work and what is your role there?

I am the Co-Founder and COO at byrd — we are an all-in-one logistics platform for e-commerce, enabling online shops to conveniently store their products and ship their orders with just a few clicks. As a COO, I make sure that our services are properly fulfilled and I am in charge of our operational workflows and metrics.

What projects or achievements have you been a part of recently?

“Since the exchange, we continually built up our startup, byrd. Evolving towards providing supreme logistics services for online shops, we increased our customer base, had significant growth, and are currently focusing on developing our software to the next level. To do all that, we successfully closed two funding rounds. On top of that, we received several awards such as the Logistics Startup of the Year in 2017, and featured on EU Startup’s page.

What were your biggest takeaways from your exchange experience?

“There were two major lessons for me:
1) The importance of customer discovery: during the 3DS workshop we learned that it is incredibly important to understand the customer requirements and the pains they have, even before developing anything.
2) The entrepreneurial atmosphere: the mindset and approach of the people in Austin/U.S. compared to the one in Austria. Experiencing that was very refreshing and empowering.”

How did those lessons affect you and/or your career?

“I was able to take a little bit of the mindset and atmosphere to Vienna and push our startup further. Furthermore, I significantly expanded my network which has been very valuable. I was also involved a lot with the local community and it was rewarding to give back a little bit.”

What is your favorite memory of the exchange?

“Directly talking and connecting to C-level people from successful startups was pretty awesome. The ecosystem tour in general was amazing. Our alumni 2016 group is continually in touch and we are doing a lot of things together. Also, I try to be part of community events to connect with other alumni and people from the community as much as possible.”


Thank you, Christoph, for your dedication to the ATA Community! Congratulations on all of your success, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for byrd. Get ready for the next ATA Alumni Spotlight — coming to our 3DS blog soon!