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In less than a month we will be hosting our third and largest yet Austria to Austin exchange! The ATA community has grown and achieved so much within the past two years, and watching our alumni thrive as global entrepreneurs has been extremely rewarding and impactful. In honor of their successes we will be sharing a new blog series: The ATA Alumni Spotlight!

For our first spotlight blog post, we are thrilled to share some exciting updates from one of our ATA 1.0 participants — Isabella Deutsch!


Where do you work and what is your role there?

“I currently work as a Junior CRM Marketing Manager at a rather big Austrian Insurance and Loan association in Digitalization and Data Science in the Marketing department. As it is our goal to constantly improve the experience for our customers, we work intensely with startups, for example, the Austrian Accelerator Program, WeXelerate.”


What projects or achievements have you been a part of recently?

“In the summer after ATA 1.0 I founded my own startup where I provided courses for the highly competitive entrance exam for Psychology at the University of Vienna. From doing online marketing, and customer acquisition, to writing over 250 math and English problems, and teaching my students in class for two weeks all on my own — it was an amazing experience for me!

Furthermore, I would consider my current academic path a big success. I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree in June 2018 in Statistics at the University of Vienna and am very proud of both the theoretical and practical knowledge I acquired over the last three years. I am more than happy to follow my passion for statistics even further: I got accepted to the University of Oxford for the MSc Statistical Science starting in autumn 2018 – so big adventures lie ahead of me!

On top of all that I want to point out my personal development. I feel like I have gained insights into many perspectives concerning both statistics and life in the last couple of months. I feel more ready than ever to conquer the world and add my contribution to ‘making the world a better place’.”


What were the biggest takeaways from your exchange experience?

“The unbreakable ‘Austin Spirit’ of just making the first step, taking risks and not being afraid of failure really stuck with me. There is never anything wrong with trying and ATA really taught me that. Kickstarting my entrance into the entrepreneurial world with 3DS was probably the best thing that could have happened to me and there are so many moments where I think back to the program.”


How did those lessons affect you and/or your career?

I would have never founded my own startup if it wasn’t for ATA. Moreover, the attitude of ‘getting it done’ is a great asset at university, at work and in my personal life. Whenever a new idea emerges, I keep coming back to the steps from 3DS and access it like we did there. What a great toolbox!”


What is your favorite memory of the exchange?

“I am still insanely proud of my Nerd Nite talk! Standing in front of all those amazing people, talking about something I personally really care about and receiving oh-so-positive feedback was truly amazing. I cherish those memories and to this day continue sharing the Youtube link to my talk.

Last but not least, the farewell party at Topgolf was a great moment to reflect on our two weeks in Austin. The amount of knowledge I gathered within two weeks was crazy! I also made so many new friends – including the loveliest peeps from 3DS; shout out to you! The two weeks felt both so much longer and shorter than 14 days. That farewell party was, on one hand, a great end, but on the other hand, it was just the beginning of our own ideas and challenges.”


A huge thank you to Isabella for sharing such insightful remarks, and we congratulate you on all of your achievements! We are proud and honored to have her be a part of our ATA Community. Stay on the lookout for our next ATA Alumni Spotlight!