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The 3 Day Startup team is fortunate to announce that the U.S. Embassy in Vienna has selected 3DS for the third year to run the Austria to Austin Student Startup Exchange! Not only do we have the opportunity to lead another Austria to Austin exchange, but with the support of the U.S. Embassy Vienna our program has been significantly expanded. 3DS was awarded a $260,000 grant from the U.S. Embassy Vienna to conduct Austria to Austin 3.0, allowing the program to be more impactful and reach a larger number of entrepreneurs.  In the summer of 2018, 3DS will conduct a Foundations exchange program as well as a Checkpoint exchange program, hosting a total of 34 students.

Geared towards early-stage entrepreneurs, the Foundations program will continue to engage students as they grow their innovative ideas into viable ventures. During their time in Austin, Foundations exchange participants will attend the Global Roundup Conference, where they will engage in workshops and networking sessions with local, national, and international leaders of innovation.  

The Checkpoint program, designed for intermediate entrepreneurs, will solidify the entrepreneurial impact of the 3DS exchange program by connecting early founders with top mentors in their field, in order to take their ventures to the next level. Our Checkpoint program has been tested in Austin, Brazil, and Scotland, and teaches students practical solutions to challenges faced by intermediate entrepreneurs everywhere.  

Our 2016 and 2017 Austria to Austin programs were hugely successful, as participants returned with strong incentives to start their own business, and felt they had the skills and mentor support to do so. Our Austria to Austin alumni have grown into a network of innovators that new participants connect and collaborate with upon program completion. In conducting both the Foundations and Checkpoint programs as part of our student startup exchange, powerful connections between Austin and Austrian entrepreneurs will be created, fostering cross-cultural mentor networks. With our newly expanded program, 3DS seeks to further develop and solidify bridges of innovation between Austria and Austin.  

We are so excited that this program continues to grow, and we can’t wait for it to come to life this summer! The Austria to Austin Student Startup Exchange wouldn’t be possible without the encouragement of the U.S. Embassy Vienna, our Austin entrepreneurial partners, and the 3DS alumni network. We thank all of you for the unwavering support, and hope you join us this summer to activate entrepreneurial potential at Austria to Austin 3.0!