Right now, a team of MBAs is presenting their business plan to a mini-panel which includes Bart Bohn of Austin Technology Incubator, Eli Chait of Alsop Louie Partners, and Thomas Finsterbush of 3 Day Startup. The group wants feedback from the them, so they can be fully prepared to answer any questions that arise after the big presentation which will take place at 7 p.m.

This group really needs to clarify the user experience. They’re all business plan right now. If I were on the panel, I would want them to show me pictures of what the game interface would look like while they talk me through it. I don’t need a complete click through.  Just the highlights.   It sounds very rudimentary; but the game needs to be fun and engaging. That’s going to be what makes or breaks this group’s pitch. Well, that and who is going to pitch it. I have seen great ideas die after being presented by a non-salesman.

In another room, the team is polishing a mock up of their site. It’s pretty sleek. I just finished voicing over part of their presentation (hee hee!).

Skyler Kanegi

Skyler Kanegi

I am so glad I was able to get some sleep last night, ‘cos today is going to be huge. Since I arrived, I have been coordinating interviews (we’re going to be on Morning Edition! Woohoo!), negotiating catering details to make sure we have Darn Good Coffee power, and offering outside perspective to groups about product.

One of the things that makes 3 Day Startup so interesting to me is the social, business, and academic experiment aspect of it. Put 40 of UT Austin’s brightest into a room who are used to thinking in depth about what they intend to do. Will they go high-level concept on it and fail to construct a tangible company? Or will they be able to disseminate the required tasks and work in parallel with people from different colleges? They’re forced to work in these groups with people who they probably never would have met if they hadn’t been invited to 3 Day Startup.

Speaking of working with people with different skill set-influenced outlooks, I’m a bit concerned that Carter’s group can’t find him. Where is that guy? As the leader of the group, he should be here. It’s already noon. They have to discuss a really strong existing competitor and the ways that they will differentiate themselves from them. Right now, I’m not sure how their product is unique or will get the job done better.