In a little over 48 hours, this group of previously-unaffiliated business and technology college students developed a business idea, researched it, and built a working prototype from scratch. But it didn’t stop there. In true 3 Day Startup fashion, they prepared a final presentation and delivered it to a collection of local business leaders and entrepreneurs, soliciting feedback and pitching for seed money to take the startup business forward.

Below you will find video of the formal pitch event, including opening comments from Jeremiah Dunham (lead organizer for 3DS Alaska) and Thomas Finsterbusch (co-creator of the 3 Day Startup event and nonprofit). Participant Matthew Sargent delivered the presentation.

via Blog | 3DS Alaska.

[vimeo w=400&h=225]

3DS Alaska: The Investor Pitch from John Proffitt on Vimeo.