The Spring semester is in full swing and that means there are 3 Day Startup programs happening at universities all over the world each weekend. Were you chosen to attend a 3DS program in the next few months? To make sure you get the most out of your 72 hours with us, we’ve collected some of the best advice from over 900 past participants! Read on to see what they want you to know before you show up Friday night:


  • Come prepared. Yes, we’re going to provide you with resources, mentors, feedback, and more to guide your startup creation over the weekend, but the more prepared you are the better. If you’re going to be pitching your idea, come armed with as much knowledge as you can about your market and potential customers. If you’re coming to lend your design skills or coding knowledge, make sure you have everything you need on your computer to work all weekend. And regardless of what you’re joining us for, come prepared to learn, to get feedback, to meet new people, and to roll your sleeves up and get to work. As Jonathan from Georgia Southern recommends, “It’s not a sit-back-and relax weekend it’s a get up and do something and build something and make something of yourself weekend!”
  • Set goals. Gilad from UT Austin said, “Set a goal for yourself, asking what is it that you want out of 3DS because there’s many approaches to going to 3DS.” Are you going to be pitching your startup idea to the group? Do you want to further develop your coding skills or improve your public speaking? Are you looking for more experience working in teams? Do you want to meet others in the entrepreneurship space at your campus? Think about this before you arrive on Friday night and do everything you can to reach those goals over the 72 hour time period.
  • Keep an open mind. Someone might approach your team with an idea you’d never considered or your skills will be needed on a project you don’t know much about. Stay open minded to all of the opportunities you have and all of the feedback you receive so you can get as much out of the program as possible.
  • Network. Daniella from Berkeley said it best: “Network, network, network. People around you are all incredible with skills you don’t have and may need. Although they may not be on your immediate team, everyone surrounding you has impressive talents that you can learn from.” Additionally, the mentors and panelists all have experiences with startups that they want to share with you, so take advantage of that.
  • Commit. 3 Day Startup programs begin on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday evening. Teams take as much of this time as they possibly can to work on their idea, often staying on campus after hours to work through the night. Get your homework done ahead of time, take off work, and let your friends know that you’re busy. Make sure that you can be fully present with your team for the entire weekend.
  • Have fun. The overwhelming feedback we get from participants, aside from how much they learned, is how much fun they had. Our ultimate goal is to activate your entrepreneurial potential and give you the experience you need to take your idea to the next level, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun. You won’t experience anything else like this, so enjoy your weekend!