Earlier this month we announced that Ash Maurya, creator of the Lean Canvas and author of Running Lean, would be our opening keynote at our 2nd Annual Global Roundup. We’re so excited to hear from him and to be able to offer 50 attendees a FREE copy of his new book, Scaling Lean.

We’re now less than 4 months away and are ready to announce our closing keynote speaker for Sunday evening… serial entrepreneur Brett Hurt!

Brett is a standout member of the Austin startup community, most notably as Co-Founder and former CEO of Bazaarvoice. Today Bazaarvoice is the world’s largest network of active shoppers, connecting more than one-half billion consumers to thousands of retailers and brands that represent tens of millions of products and services. Brett is currently working on another venture, data.world, and serves as co-owner at Hurt Family Investments.

Needless to say, Brett has a wealth of knowledge to share that you don’t want to miss out on. Grab your ticket for the Global Roundup today at 3daystartup.org/globalroundup!

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