The Global Roundup is a little over a month away and everything is coming together nicely here in Austin! We’ve shared the details on all of our keynote speakers for the weekend, Ash Maurya, Brett Hurt, and Tim Novikoff. We’ve also released six of the workshops that will take place at the conference. Now it’s time to let you in on one of the panels we’re most excited about… the 3 Day Startup alumni panel! You’ll hear from eight of our alumni from various programs on their 3DS experience and how they took what they learned there to launch and grow their companies. Shayna Dunitz, 3DS Program Manager, will moderate the panel. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to submit your questions for the alumni! Here’s a brief introduction to the panelists:


  • Andy O’Hara, Founder & CEO, ChironHealth – 3DS Austin 2014
    • Chiron Health is a telemedicine platform that allows physicians to connect with their patients for routine follow-up appointments over secure video conference.
  • Aleksander Levental, Cofounder & CEO, Feathr – 3DS Gainesville 2011
    • Aleksander Levental is the CEO and one of the co-founders of Feathr, a marketing tech startup based in Gainesville, FL. He graduated from the University of Florida with B.S.’s in Physics and Math in 2013. Aleks started at Feathr during his senior year, after a brief quarter-life crisis wherein he realized he did not want to attend graduate school. After winning Capital Factory’s “Move Your Startup to Austin” competition at SXSW ’14, Aleks spent a year in Austin, TX with Feathr during which he was named CEO, although he still retains product and technical lead roles. The company moved back to Gainesville in May 2015 to establish permanent roots. Aleks now splits his time primarily between Gainesville and NYC, where he spends what little free time he has perfecting a recipe for sourdough bread. Tweet him @alevental.
  • Jonathan Rosenberg, Founder & CEO, Jackrabbit Mobile – 3DS Austin 2012
    • From visual artist to software developer, to entrepreneur, Jonathan is now the founder & CEO of Jackrabbit Mobile. Jackrabbit is Austin’s favorite mobile consulting firm and on Built In Austin’s list of top 50 startups to watch in 2016. Jonathan co-founded the Elevator Art Club, a guerilla art collective awarded Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin Art Collective in 2003. Following this, he recklessly rode his bicycle alone through the USA, cooked for dog mushers on a glacier in Alaska, and ultimately, all roads led back to Texas where he attended The University of Texas at Austin for Computer Science. Always up for adventures, Jonathan slept outside in a tent for the 1st year of school… between rattlesnakes and falling off cliffs (just kidding― he actually jumped off), he feels fortunate for surviving beyond his early 20’s. Tweet him @jackrabbit_jon.
  • Naruby Schlenker, Cofounder, Ordoro – 3DS Austin 2009
    • Naruby Schlenker is a co-founder of Ordoro, a web app that helps small-­ and medium-­sized e-­commerce retailers manage their orders, inventory, and supply chains. Founded in 2010, Ordoro streamlines everything that happens after a shopper checks out on an online retailer’s website, including inventory management, drop shipping, supplier integration, and the creation and printing of packing lists and shipping labels. Before moving to Austin for her MBA at UT’s McCombs School of Business, Naruby worked for Eli Lilly and Co., rotating through several finance-related positions, including an assignment in her native Venezuela where she discovered her strengths in sales and marketing. Tweet her @naruby
  • Logan Carlson, Cofounder & CEO, AnyCafe – 3DS Western New England 2015
    • Ever since Logan was in grade school he has been interested in putting things together and taking them apart. His time interning at Corning Incorporated only solidified those notions and reinforced his interest in being an inventor. He loves to make gadgets and explore solving problems with engineering principles and a little elbow grease. There is nothing more satisfying to him than taking a heap of broken electronics and piecing together his next invention. He is currently an attending Senior at Western New England University working for his Biomedical Engineering Degree.
  • Taylor Hou, Founder & Head of Product, RemarkHQ – 3DS Austin 2012
  • Nicole DeLeon, Founder & CEO, Embarkly – 3DS Austin 2011
    • Nicole DeLeon is a 3DS alum and was CEO of the 3DS startup, Embarkly, a marketplace for pet boarding. From 3DS, she met investors and began to build her company. She quickly learned e-commerce SEO through connections she made from 3DS–some of the top SEOs in the country. Ultimately, Embarkly failed. But Nicole began offering SEO services to small businesses and other startups. She is now the owner of North Star Inbound, a boutique SEO agency that services funded startups to some of the largest e-commerce and marketplace companies on the web. Tweet her @nicoleldeleon
  • Blake Burns, Cofounder & COO, BlankMediaGames – 3DS Austin 2013
    • Blake Burns, COO and cofounder of BlankMediaGames, created the company in 2014 and with the help of Kickstarter created an online murder mystery game inspired by Werewolf. Since it’s release in December of 2014, Town of Salem has become the premiere social deduction online game. Tweet him @blakeburnsdev

You do NOT want to miss what these folks have to say, so grab your Global Roundup ticket ASAP!