In December, 3 Day Startup was awarded a $150,000 grant from the U.S. Embassy in Vienna to lead the Austria to Austin Student Startup Exchange. We received over 700 applications and after a screening phase, video questions, and in-person interviews, we’ve finally chosen the 18 students who will be coming to Austin this summer for the two-week exchange! Read about these standout students below:

Isabella Deutsch

Isabella studies Statistics, as well as Psychology, at the University of Vienna. After her graduation, she volunteered at the Anne Frank Zentrum Berlin for a year, worked as a Social Media Analyst and will be working at a soccer-statistics-startup where she is excited to use her love for numbers and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

Xiaoao Dong

Xiaoao is a startup enthusiast through and through and a passionate hobby cook. “Do what you love, love what you do” is his life principle and he tries to base his decisions through this credo every day. He strongly believes that we all can find our inner passion, which drives and motivates us to reach our goals.

Taghrid Elashkr

Taghrid is a Business Informatics master student at the Vienna University of Technology (TU), Austria. In parallel to her master’s study, she participated in the International Curriculum on Innovation at TU (i2c). Taghrid is passionate about delivering valuable solutions to the world!

Christian Friedrich

Christian is a graduate student in business strategy and innovation in Vienna and Washington. Besides his efforts to promote Austria’s wine culture, he is interested in big data and digitalization and is currently leading a project in this area at a main education organization in Austria.

Thomas Hollerer

Thomas grew up a small mountain village in the heart of Austria and has focused on food for as long as he can remember. His background is rooted in haute cuisine as a chef and he is building on that same knowledge by studying food technologies with the goal of someday starting a food enterprise.

Stephanie Horvath

Stefanie is a master student of the “Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design“ program at Fachhochschule Joanneum, University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. She recently founded an app development startup with three other students and is specializing in user experience and interface design.

Florian Korner

Florian is a business student that loves to try things that have never worked before. He believes that the reason to become an entrepreneur is to form new ideas to help change the existing business landscape.

Gerold Kristanz

Gerold is an Austrian engineering physics graduate student, who is currently working on his master thesis. Among his friends, he is known to live for the puzzle — sometimes he helps them with arbitrary tasks, just to see if their problem has a solution.

Christoph Krofitsch

Christoph is a former professional rowing athlete who studied Computer Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology and worked as a developer in the field of automation and robotics. Now, he is founding his own startup called “byrd”, the first mile logistics service that fundamentally eases the way people ship things.

Elisabeth Laa

Elisabeth is a passionate foodist, cares about health and the environment, and loves to travel the world. She wants to use her economics and media management background to make a difference in the world.

Katharina Lausenhammer

Katharina is studying SME Management and Entrepreneurship at the FH in Salzburg. In addition to her studies, she is currently working on a business idea with a colleague.

Carina Margreiter

Carina recently finished her masters in Strategic Management. For her master thesis, she focused on corporate accelerators and in the spring, had the opportunity to work at SkyDeck, the university accelerator of UC Berkeley and to feel the great startup atmosphere in the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

Katharina Pesl

Katharina studies Media and Communications in Innsbruck and works for a publishing house in the area of marketing and eBooks. She’s most passionate about her role as President of the Innsbruck section of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), Europe’s biggest student association.

Paul Piechl

Paul is a Mechanical Engineering and Management student with a passion for traveling, sports and technology. He cannot wait to develop some new business ideas with people from different fields, to explore Austin, and to eat Breakfast Tacos all day long.

Karim Rihan

Karim works as a law and social consultant for refugees in the Office of the Austrian Federal Chancellory and is currently studying law.

Selja Salic

Born in Bosnia and Herzegowina and raised in Austria, Sejla is a research assistant in the field of stem cell research and a master student in molecular biotechnology. Besides enjoying science, she is excited about startups and entrepreneurship, and has a big heart for donkeys.

Thomas Seidling

Thomas is one of the founders of Wokora LTD, an interactive marketplace where businesses can acquire and interact with clients independently of their location in the world. His past career as an Olympic swimmer for Austria as well as the President of a student organization representing 35,000 students in Austria taught him how to motivate himself and others to achieve goals that at first appear unreachable.

Theresa Stadler

Theresa is passionate about bringing together business and technology to drive meaningful innovation. Besides graduating in applied economics, she mentors social businesses at all stages and enjoys travelling the world.