3 Day Startup continues to grow and expand outside of the US, proving our programs can cultivate innovative minds and entrepreneurial successes in every country and community across the globe.

For the past two years, 3DS has engaged with the University of Rosario in Colombia to help foster innovation and aid the university and its students in becoming some of the most prominent innovation leaders in their country. This past month marked the second of our 3 program engagement designed to instill a recurring, inclusive, and collaborative entrepreneurship initiative within the university and the community.


3DS Rosario participants receive mentorship on the first day of the program.

This program not only demonstrates the outsized change that 3DS participants can make in their entrepreneurial ecosystems, but also proves that 3DS grows and evolves along with the students. The impact of this kind of programing doesn’t stagnate or diminish; rather, it compounds with each program and each iteration.

And, after our second program in the partnership, we can say with absolute certainty that 3DS Rosario exemplifies this growth. These students are well prepared, passionate, and hungry for the opportunity to turn their visions into realities. As Felipe Peña –– a participant in the most recent Rosario program –– describes, 3DS is not only a “good program for students who want to develop something” but also “teaches them not to have fear.” These lessons are “good not only for Rosario, but for universities around the world,” said Peña. And we couldn’t agree more.

Peña is now part of a team of three working on the parking app that they began developing at 3DS. He says, “this kind of parking lot sharing app already exists in San Francisco and New York, but we are trying to make it accessible to different communities, particularly student communities who are suffering from this problem.” His is only one of many innovative and community-focused ideas that came out of the Rosario program

The drive that these students have to solve problems and make positive change in their communities is remarkable. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of our Rosario programs is the immense support and desire that those larger communities have for them. They are unified behind the students –– particularly through local mentors –– to bring entrepreneurship to the forefront. And, through 3DS, Rosario is leading the charge: making the programs stronger and stronger, and opening the door for more and more students from outside the university.


Participants hard at work after customer discovery on day 2.

The students and organizers at 3DS Rosario are truly groundbreaking and embody why 3 Day Startup continues to push to further countries and ecosystems across the globe. Entrepreneurship can change lives and communities in more ways than through just economic success. It can motivate, inspire, and show students an option that is always open to them and that they can make into their reality.

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