It’s been a big year for 3DS. Sizable engagements with governments through projects like the Austria to Austin Startup Exchange and the US/Brazil Startup Connection have given us the opportunity to spread our vision of entrepreneurship to new students and new countries.

It brings us great pleasure to announce the most recent addition to those projects, an exciting partnership with the government of Queensland, Australia. Over the next 12 months, 3 Day Startup embarks on a six-program engagement with Advance Queensland in our shared goal of unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of universities. At the conclusion of these programs, four Queensland entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to visit the 3 Day Startup’s annual conference, the Global Roundup.

We are proud to partner with Advance Queensland.

This initiative — led by the Queensland Government — aims to drive innovation, spur collaboration, create jobs, and foster Queensland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Advance Queensland is leading to tangible, positive changes in the region and opening doors for its youth.

In support of Advance Queensland’s work and their vision, the 3DS Team will deliver our entrepreneurship model — which has yielded successful startups in New York, Silicon Valley, and Austin — to Queensland’s already creative and innovative students at Griffith University, the University of Southern Queensland, and Central Queensland University. Through our experiential, student-based programs, 3 Day Startup looks forward to transforming them into entrepreneurs with the skills and mindsets to make changes and start new ventures.

Our 300 programs have shaped 11,000 student entrepreneurs who have founded successful companies, released winning products, raised over $70 million in capital, and achieved a handful of exits. These entrepreneurs make up an extensive and supportive network that now spans 30 countries around the world.

With Queensland’s addition to this international network, 3DS continues to fulfill our mission to educate the world’s next generation of innovators and give them the tools to be successful in any country and any community. It is this kind of exchange and global network that can truly allow students to become the world’s next big change-makers. Because, as we see in each of our programs, students have the potential, passion, and empathy to make a difference.