2016 was a big year for 3 Day Startup. Now it’s time to showcase some of the people who helped make that happen.

Which is why we are proud to announce our 3DS Lead Organizer of the Year, Issam Ourrai. Issam organized our very first program in Morocco with limited resources and personnel on hand to help him. Through his grit, passion, and determination he built out a strong partnership with 3 Day Startup in Casablanca and garnered over 160 applicants for his program.


About the Lead Organizer:


Born and raised in Morocco, Issam posses multiple degrees in IT, both from Morocco and from France.

After receiving his education, he worked as a consultant for major players in the capital market industry in France, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland. In 2015, he left his industry position to found a startup incubator in Morocco to pursue his longtime passion for entrepreneurship.


Issam and Entrepreneurship:


“I remember my first venture. I was 5 years old kid in Taza, Morocco spending quality time at my grandfather’s house with my friends when we decided to start selling cooked chickpeas. Even then, it went pretty well!

As a adult, I was really fortunate to work for Thomson Reuters, a company that values innovation and entrepreneurship. That only helped to build my interest in entrepreneurship helped solidify how important it is for a community to develop innovation and entrepreneurship. Which is why I wanted to organize the 3DS program in Morocco.”


Organizing 3DS In Morocco


“It was a challenging but fulfilling experience for me. And I learned a lot from organizing this program. If you want to win you have to dare to try and get in there and get your hands dirty.

Seeing the program come together like it did made it all worth it.”


Post Program:


“I am now actually working on a MedTech project with a good friend of mine. We are currently trying to partner with Hidden Founders, a company that we love and respect. So I’m excited to see where that goes.”

Congratulations Issam!