2016 was a big year for 3 Day Startup. Now it’s time to showcase some of the people who helped make that happen.

Which is why we are proud to announce our 3DS Alum of the Year, Ahmed Raza.

Ahmed Raza is a Junior at The University of Texas at Austin, obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Ahmed currently serves as the CEO and a Managing Member at Sitevestment Fund I, a small, private equity fund that acquires web-based businesses. Raza first became involved with acquiring web businesses when his family fell into a financial crisis when he was just seventeen. Quickly recognizing his ability to identify profitable ventures, Raza scaled the very same model and began attracting investors all over the country, raising over $800K in funding in the process.

Outside of Sitevestment, Raza is also the Founder and CEO at Rapid Diligence, an assistive due diligence platform that allows investors to make acquisition decisions based on important metrics and insight. Through these experiences, Raza wrote Website Empires, an instructive eBook on successfully acquiring and operating web businesses.


How he became an entrepreneur:


I started my first business when I was 12 years old. I realized that nearly all of my friends owned a game console, the most popular being an Xbox 360. So, I decided to become very familiar with all of the prominent technical issues people faced with the Xbox 360 and started offering services to fix them. As a student in middle school, it wasn’t very difficult to find my first customers and before I knew it, I was going home with a backpack filled with game consoles instead of textbooks. Ever since then, I’ve started and sold numerous small businesses within the technology sector.


At 3 Day Startup:


The most important thing I learned through 3 Day Startup is the essential need to discuss overarching ideas and goals. In a day to day business setting, even at the early stages of a startup, progress is measured in the form of completed tasks i.e. sales calls made, business plans created, lines of code written, etc. and that leaves very little time to merely discuss the overarching business goals, challenges, and philosophies, all of which are essential to moving in the right direction and ensuring that the vision of the company remains intact.


After the Program:


After completing 3 Day Startup a little over two months ago for the second time, I have grown my single-person company to an effective team of seven. We have finalized the MVP for our software and continue to make great progress toward its launch.


Congratulations Ahmed!


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