Student entrepreneurs are a rare breed of determined, savvy, and innovative individuals making outsized impact on their campuses, in their communities, and across the world. We received nominations from five different countries for some truly exceptional young entrepreneurs. Here are our top 10.

Congratulations to the Top Student Entrepreneurs of 2016:


Sandy Enoch – University of Edinburgh


img_3263-300x200Sandy Enoch, a PhD student studying informatics at the University of Edinburgh is the first on our list for his award
winning and truly groundbreaking robotics venture. At his 3DS, Sandy took his idea for a robot and built it into a workable prototype that fit the low-cost needs of his customer segment. Post-3 Day Startup, he has made even more impressive progress, winning several robotics and engineering awards and completing a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring his robot, Marty, to market.

Marty is a walking, turning, and dancing robot designed to help teach kids more about robotics and programing while being as easy to use as a toy.


Miranda Scott – Colgate University


aaeaaqaaaaaaaarjaaaajde3n2uxytg2lwniyjitngflyi1hyzjmlwi5ndy5njm0mtvjnaMiranda Scott, a Sociology major at Colgate University developed a great (and delicious looking) product while keeping her focus on social impact.

Her product, The Waffle Cookie, may seem simple, but that’s part of its beauty. Not only is The Waffle Cookie viable, scalable, and beloved by its customers, but it is also feeding hundreds of in-need people in the city of Detroit. Miranda has proven that she has the grit, determination, and the right solution to be a successful entrepreneur. Congratulations on a great year.


Dumisani Kaliati – University of Malawi, Polytechnic


aaeaaqaaaaaaaajpaaaajdrlzde5ndrmlwyym2etndi1yi1imtk0lty1zwvkzmrjodrlyqDumisani Kaliati, is a computer science major at the University of Malawi, Polytechnic making big impact in the Malawi health industry with his venture, TDOSE. TDOSE is an SMS reminder system for hospital drug administering time. Using SMS it reminds out-patients to take their prescribed drug dose as well as sending health tips relating to the Patient illness.

Dumisani also serves as the vice president of ENACTIM, an entrepreneurship organization at the University of Malawi Polytechnic aimed at changing focus of college students minds from being educated to be an employee to being employers.


Shwetal Shah – University of Strathclyde


aaeaaqaaaaaaaafgaaaajdhhndazzdlhlthlmmmtngy3zs05mdjilwi2zdu0y2e0ywy1zaShwetal Shah is currently pursuing a master’s degree in international marketing while serving as the founder of Explore Science. Explore Science seeks to expose young people to science and opportunities in STEM by cultivating talks by scientists and developing science labs where students can run experiments and contribute to scientific research.

She hopes to continue to grow and develop her venture so that she can impact as many young scientists as possible and create a funnel for them to enter into the science community.


Luke Lashley – Texas State University


aaeaaqaaaaaaaa2daaaajdfkndg1ntk2ltm5mgmtngqzmy05zjrhltq0mtbhowq0mjrkmgLuke Lashley, a Finance major at Texas State, may still be in undergrad, but he has already developed two companies that are profitable and employ 24 student filmmakers part-time.

Luke began his collegiate entrepreneurial career by creating Bring Works – the first documentary film company led entirely by college RTF students. The success of Bring Works spurred Luke to create a second company called Bring Light & Sound – a full service marketing agency specializing in video-driven ad campaigns. Using the lean canvas model, Luke has bootstrapped his way to a combined $151,000 in sales during 2016.


Robert Salamon – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Robert Salamon, who is studying mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is already embodying the spirit of a serial entrepreneur.

As a student entrepreneur, he has won multiple business plan competitions and started two businesses: Smallwaukee Properties LLC and SpikeMKE. Though faced with zoning issues and obstacles to his second business, Robert continues to prove that you learn more from failures than you do from successes and has the grit and determination to continue his entrepreneurial journey in spite of it all.


Scott Jacobsen – Harvard Kennedy School


2f5104aWhile pursuing his Masters in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School, Scott Jacobsen co-founded DoneGood –– a Chrome extension and mobile application that helps people go green, shop organic, buy local ,and support workers. Jacobsen and his co-founder are now looking to take their venture national after finding success in their local area.

Jacobsen was also a Semi-Finalist at HUBweek 2016’s demo day for DoneGood. We look forward to seeing how his venture moves forward.

David Butcher – The Ohio State University


butcher-1080x675David Butcher, a Marketing major at The Ohio State University, is bringing his family heritage of BBQ into the 21st century with Flyby BBQ. Through extensive market research David has already gone through multiple levels of MVPs: from surveying thousands of potential customers, to selling regional American BBQ sauces, to catering, to (finally) a food truck.

David’s bootstrapping skills all while balancing a demanding course-load demonstrate a savviness and risk management that is impressive for anyone, let alone an undergrad.


James Fowler – University of Southern Queensland


3DS Alum James Fowler, while studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, began developing his sustainability-focused business: Bamboo Network. A nontraditional student, Fowler left a career path to follow his passion and become an entrepreneur and start his own flooring and construction business.

Like several other ventures on this list, James’ company is focused on social impact, further demonstrating that entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a tech company designing an app.

Logan Carlson – Western New England University


aaeaaqaaaaaaaaqbaaaajgizn2jjzwzklwqzytytngu5ni1iytvklwrimja4ntvindlkngLogan Carlson, a Biomedical Engineering major at WNEU, and his 3 Day Startup team have gone on to achieve some truly incredible things with their AnyCafe Travel Brewer.

After completing a successful Kickstarter campaign, AnyCafe is gearing up for full production to take their product to market. This award winning startup combines the convenience of a Keurig machine with the portability of a travel mug. We are excited to see how these 3DS alum continue to make waves with their innovative product.