After hundreds of applications and several rounds of screenings, 3 Day Startup and the US Embassy Vienna are proud to announce the 23 participants selected for our Austria To Austin Student Startup Exchange for 2017. We are excited to welcome these incredible students to Austin, Texas in July for two weeks of cultural activities, curated site visits, and entrepreneurial learning.

Congratulations to our participants! We can’t wait to welcome you to Austin.

Kevin Bachmann 

Kevin is a software engineering student currently finishing his master’s degree at the Technical University of Vienna. Beside studying for university courses and brainstorming for potential startup ideas, he worked for three tech startups in Austria and thereby learned to love the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Currently, Kevin is working part-time at a very promising logistics startup called Byrd.

Carina Baier

Carina is a passionate marketing and international business management student. She is fluent in five different languages and is currently working on her own entrepreneurial venture. With her personal brand, Strengthberry Nutrition, she started an online nutrition coaching program and a successful food blog on Instagram.

Michael Bayrhammer

Michael is a Business Law student at the Vienna University of Economics and a startup enthusiast with a background in science & engineering. As a visiting research fellow at the Italian Institute of Technology and leader of an award winning project in the field of biotechnology, Michael gained experience which he is excited to use for upcoming entrepreneurial challenges.

Katharina Binder

Kathi is an enthusiastic business student during the day and a story teller 24/7. She loves Estonia – where she spent an exciting and cold year – almost as much as she loves dogs and is always up for a coffee in the sun. In her soon-to-be-founded startup, Shirt Happens, she combines two of her many passions – writing and connecting people – and she couldn’t be more excited for the road ahead.

Jessica Burns

Jessica, a law and cultural anthropology student at the University of Vienna, is excited to explore the startup scene in Austin and work with people from diverse backgrounds. She is a passionate backpacker and rugby player. Looking back, one of her proudest moments was to represent Austria at the European Championships.

Stefan Doberl

Stefan is an MBA and Law student, at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Upper Austria. Besides his undergraduate coursework at the Vienna University of Economics and Business he worked for a startup dealing with Smart Home, did various internships and gained international experience during his exchange in Oslo, Norway.

Natascha Eibl

Natascha finished her Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Animation with distinction and gained years of experience in business before she started with her Master’s degree in Communication Design at the FH Johanneum in Graz. Her endless creativity and unstoppable enthusiasm in combination with her background in psychotherapy, made her an integral part of an advertising agency and an Austrian startup as well as leading her to success as a freelance artist. She is very passionate about her work and full of ideas and dreams to improve the world around her.

Claudia Falkinger

Claudia is a communication and innovation enthusiast who studies Journalism and Communication Science at the University of Vienna. Next to working with various tech startups, she volunteers at TEDxVienna, a community conference series and idea platform dedicated to local and international knowledge transfer and to showcasing innovation.

Alexandra Geier

Alexandra is currently studying Media Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology. Next to her studies, she is working as a web-developer and was part of Austria’s biggest student consultancy firm. She is currently Jade Austria’s International Manager and represents the interests of Austria’s Student Entrepreneurs on a European level. She enjoys traveling, learning new languages and baking cupcakes.

Johannes Grabenhofer 

Johannes is studying industrial engineering as well as business economics in Vienna and has already spent time in the US during his semester abroad at Bentley University in Massachusetts. During internships in Ghana and India, he developed a passion for working in international teams and traveling. He is particularly interested in the financial as well as technical aspects of a startup.

Elisa Hahn

Curious and ambitious to learn about new things, Elisa is currently working on her Master’s thesis on stem cell research. She has been involved in establishing a tutoring program at her university, supporting fellow students to succeed in their final exams. Aside from the official Austria to Austin activities and site visits, she is very excited about finding vegan food offerings in Texas.

Bojan Jukic

Bojan studies Industrial Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. In addition to his studies, he volunteers for a non-profit organization in Ethiopia and worked as a web-developer. Last year he founded the startup goUrban, where he is excited to use his engineering skills to work on future mobility solutions for modern cities.

Marcel Kilic

Marcel studies Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Besides studying, Marcel is a journalist and volunteers actively as a firefighter. He has previously held positions in project management, led cross media and newspaper campaigns, and worked in the sales department at a startup.

Estella Kucirek

Estella studies Law at the University of Vienna and International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). She volunteered at the Vienna Legal Literacy Project where she and her student colleagues held workshops at schools in order to teach basic legal skills to kids. After spending the past semester in Paris where she focused on European Law, she moved to Luxembourg where she is currently a Trainee at the European Investment Bank. She is excited to share her entrepreneurial enthusiasm with other students in Austin.

Philipp Missaghi

Philipp studies German, Dutch and History of Arts at the University of Vienna, and is interested in everything from Icelandic to Heraldry to dance. Next to his studies, Philipp follows an evening course for Jewelry Design, a path he wishes to pursue in the future. His personal motto is, “Anything goes as long as you put your mind to it!”

Lukas Molschl

Lukas is a dedicated engineer. His passion is developing software and creating products that will shape the world of tomorrow. He worked for several startups in the fields of electrical engineering and 3D scanning. In his spare time, he enjoys playing various sports as well as cooking and eating.

Florian Ott

Florian is an opportunity-seeking, highly-motivated business student. He is living his life with an open mind and is curious about new challenges. This leads to diverse experiences from office jobs to event organization. Lastly, Florian fulfilled one of his dreams as he combined a consulting project with learning how to surf in Chile.

Elisabeth Raffaseder

Elisabeth is an enthusiastic International Business Administration student eager to explore the globe and to make a change in today’s society. She is passionate about sports and traveling and has already lived, worked, and studied in various countries, such as the Vietnam, Malaysia, the UAE, and the US. Within the scope of the Austria to Austin program, she can’t wait to start a new venture and to work on her social entrepreneurship business ideas.

Stefan Salcher

Stefan started programming when he was 12 years old and has since shown his creative and technical skills on many projects. He attended the Higher Technical Institute (HTL) in Salzburg, Austria with a focus on electronics and software development. His graduation project has reached top placements in multiple nation-wide technology competitions and was selected for the AWS First Business Lab. He is active in the startup scene and is now studying media theory in Vienna. His passion for music has resulted in an extensive vinyl record collection and in his free time he sings and plays guitar in a band.

Sabrina Satzinger

Sabrina studies English and American Studies, as well as Comparative Literature at the University of Vienna. Last year she started her own business as a designer and maker of backpacks and other accessories under the label name SABORKA. She strongly believes that passion inspires hard work and that if you love what you do, you will do it well.

Nikolas Simon

Nikolas studies Environmental Technologies and International Affairs at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. He loves being outdoors in every free second and is passionate about sustainable development, clean environment, and zero waste. Nikolas strongly believes that technology is the vehicle to achieve a sustainable future for all.

Ahmad Amir Tahhan

Amir is a passionate person with different experiences and backgrounds who studies architecture at Vienna University of Technology. While working at Caritas Vienna as an interpreter he has gained experience in the social work sector. Innovation and entrepreneurship are his two favorite things that motivate him to work on his own startup project. His goal is to make a positive impact in the world or at least in someone’s life.

Nico Teuschler 

Nico has fundamental knowledge in microbiology, biotechnology, and engineering. His eagerness to achieve even high-stacked goals, drives him to encourage others and himself. His entrepreneurial leadership abilities and his interest in programming and prototyping help him to excel in the sectors in which he is interested.

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