The 2018 Austria to Austin applicant pool was more competitive than ever, and we are excited to finally announce our Foundations and Checkpoint exchange participants!

3 Day Startup and the US Embassy Vienna are proud to introduce the 14 participants selected for the Austria to Austin 3.0 Checkpoint Exchange! The Checkpoint participants are university students and established entrepreneurs who will expand their ventures and build lasting mentor relationships during their time in Austin, TX.

Congrats to all the ATA Checkpoint Exchange participants! Check out these amazing students and all they’ve accomplished already.  

Karim Abdel Baky 

Karim is the co-founder of the environmental startup “ReGreen”. He founded “ReGreen” 3 years ago when he was 18 years old and still attended school. Additionally to “ReGreen” he is working now on his second startup. Karim is studying at the University Vienna.

Manuel Bürgler 

Manuel studies business law at the University of Innsbruck. After completing the college of electronics specializing in technical computer science, he worked as Head of R&D at a local startup specializing in photogrammetry solutions. He is currently working on a data protection service based on the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Omar Badi

Omar Badi is a 22-year-old student of Business Law and Co-Founder of a very exotic product called Dattelkönig. He tries to bring together western and eastern culture in form of a product consisting of Dates and European ingredients. He works for an NGO and has altruistic attitudes. Moreover, he believes that social entrepreneurship in combination with diversity is a key to business success as well as to the reduction of prejudice.

Simon Casetti

Simon is co-founder of a healthcare startup and has a demonstrated history of working self-employed in the design and video production industry. He is skilled in Innovation Management, Digital Content Production, Business Innovation, and Advertising and a strong entrepreneurship professional studying for a Master’s Degree in Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

Philipp Doppelhammer 

Philipp currently develops the future of transport data logging – a system called TrackCheck. He’s a motivated engineer for software and hardware development with experience in IT management and additional commercial education. At the moment he studies Executive Management at the UAS of Vienna.

Berna Epik

Berna did her Bachelor’s degree in business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, majoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and International Business. Her motto “you should care enough to at least try” drove Berna to support the Austrian entrepreneurship scene next to her studies. She is one of the Head Organizers of the Entrepreneurship Avenue, Europe’s largest student-focused startup event series. Additionally, she moderates different programs, such as the EntrepreneursTALK. There are two things standing out in Berna’s personality. She is always spreading a smile and constantly strives to improve and learn.

Pamina Georgiou

Pamina currently pursues her master’s in Computer Science at TU Wien. After completing her bachelor’s, she went on to participate and then mentor at the Viennese incubator Lemmings, where she practiced generating ideas and solutions quickly while working as a Software Engineer and Product Manager in a Viennese startup. During that time, she developed a strong sense for product ideas and is now working towards translating her own into action.

Eva Keiffenheim

Eva is the co-founder of My Future Academy, an adaptive and engaging micro-learning platform for young students. Previously Eva has worked or studied in Argentina, China, Chile, India, Germany and the US. In August 2018 she will be graduating as Master of Science in “Strategy Innovation and Management Control” at Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Lukas Krafft 

Lukas studies Mechanical Engineering and Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management & Product Development at the technical university of Vienna. After writing his Bachelor thesis at BMW in Munich he is now focusing on his passion of striking new paths and creating something completely new by founding the high tech startup Naboto – Not another booking tool.

Julia Ramsmaier

Julia started her first award winning company “Frische Fritzen” 5 years ago. After that she worked as a TV-host and Online Campaign Manager. Now Julia helps schools with their online marketing activities (websites and social media). Furthermore she provides life hacks on her blog in order to help people to become the superstars of their own lives. She also shares her experience as a young entrepreneur as a motivational speaker at Fuckup Nights and other events.”

Jakob Roniger

Jakob studies Business Informatics at TU Vienna and works on a startup that supports businesses with an innovative database. He has gained a lot of experience through the I2C incubator program and the Vienna startup community.

Sophie Spitzer

Sophie is 21 years old and studies International Business at the Vienna University of Business and Economics, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I). Her role as the Community Manager of the E&I Institute and volunteering in a Project helping Viennese school children to spur their entrepreneurial enthusiasm show her engagement and passion for people. She calls herself a people’s person through and through and loves to interact with and connect people as she is convinced that “together we all achieve more.”

Christoph Tockner

Chris studies Business Administration with majors in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Finance at the university for business and economics Vienna (WU). Throughout his studies he discovered love for social entrepreneurship and founded different associations. Besides that he engages as CFO and treasurer at refugees{code}, where also his technical background is appreciated.

Gregor Wallner 

“It’s not about ideas – It’s about making ideas happen”

Greg is a former musician, former athlete and active entrepreneur from a tiny village in Austria. He is currently working on a Chatbot based marketplace to re-invent the way local shopping works.