The 2018 Austria to Austin applicant pool was more competitive than ever, and we are excited to finally announce our Foundations and Checkpoint exchange participants!

3 Day Startup and the US Embassy Vienna are proud to introduce the 20 participants selected for the Austria to Austin 3.0 Foundations Exchange! The Foundations participants are university students and aspiring entrepreneurs who will establish ventures and expand their entrepreneurial mindsets during their time in Austin, TX.

Congrats to all the ATA Foundations Exchange participants! Check out these amazing students and all they’ve accomplished already.  

Nadine Abu Zahra 

Nadine is a student of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. She completed international internships in the agricultural sector. Besides her studies, she is working as a volunteer in a youth organization and currently, she is finishing her training as a youth worker at the Institut of leisure education in Vienna. Working with young people and different farmers keep her creativity alive.

Oana Balaceanu 

Oana is an ambitious and curious Business Informatics student that is currently finishing her Master’s Degree at the Vienna University of Technology. After internships, exchanges and work positions in Romania, Denmark, Austria, Japan and France, she is now redirecting her experience and energy into transforming the world. When she is not in Vienna, you will most likely find her backpacking and photographing across Europe.

Susanne Begusch

Susanne is a passionate product and service developer with sustainability background and has management experience. It is very important to her to be in an inspirational environment and to achieve goals together as a team.

Markus Bergmann

Markus studies Management, Communication & IT at the Management Center Innsbruck and is working as a Business Consultant in the Marketing & Innovations department of World-Direct. He is a seasoned world traveler that loves to be in the mountains and experience new cultures and cuisines. With his forward-thinking personality and his goal to “simplify everything” he is always looking for opportunities to improve status quo.

Claudia Felsberger

Claudia is a social media aficionada with a passion for writing and photography. Despite her full-time occupation as a journalist and three academic titles in her pocket, she is currently enrolled in yet another Master program, namely Media, Communication and Culture at the University of Klagenfurt.

Luca Fichtinger

Luca is a former Entrepreneurship & Innovation student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. While writing his thesis he didn’t hesitate to work on his own project to better the environment proactively.

Fabian Hannesschläger

Fabian is studying business and economics in Vienna. He usually comes from Upper Austria where he worked as a technical engineer in a huge Industrie leading technical innovation projects. He is strongly committed into several types of sports and enjoys competing against each other. He is particularly interested in the business as well as technical aspects of a startup.

Sarra Hechmi

Sarra is a Psychology/Philosophy and French student at University of Vienna with a never-ending curiosity about the world. She believes that in order to climb the hill of success, one mustn’t shove others down but rather raise together. “There’s enough place for all to enjoy the view from the top”. She runs a social business and works as an opportunity manager at the international youth organisation AIESEC.

Dania Kanlic 

Dania is a student of Business Administration at the University of Graz. She is very passionate about working on her entrepreneurial idea and can’t wait to expand it in the United States. This ambitious 22-year-old speaks 4 languages fluently, enjoys reading interesting books, helping animals and traveling.

Marcus Kleinfercher

Markus studies mechanical engineering and business administration at the Technical University of Vienna. After graduating high school he was deputy chairman of a sector in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. For almost one year he has now been working as the technical manager of an entertainment company manufacturing LED dance costumes. Besides that he is a professional when it comes to dangling his feet off a cliff or rooftop.

Lin Liu

Lin studies Industrial Engineering as well as East Asian Studies. Besides working towards earning his degrees, he is also an adventurous globetrotter who has travelled through South America and South East Asia with a backpack. Lin always had a passionate curiosity for learning and hopes that his passion will have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Abdullah Naief

Abdullah is a fashion and entrepreneurial enthusiast who highly values creativity but is at the same time an outgoing person who likes to make new contacts. “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do ” is his favorite quote because he knows that he has to work hard to achieve his future goals.

Patrick Perlinger

Patrick studies Corporate Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. He is a very curious person and he loves to gain new experiences working or studying abroad. Besides that, meeting new people from around the world and doing all kinds of sports can be described as his biggest passions.

Sophie Prokop 

Sophie is an export-oriented management student at the IMC in Krems, where she also pursues her passion for languages by taking Spanish and Chinese classes. She has already spent some time in the U.S. during her year abroad in high school. Her exchange semester in Hong Kong and her internship in Madrid, enhanced her desire to work in international environments. Regarding the various opportunities that Austria to Austin is offering, she can’t wait to start a new adventure while contributing towards a change in today’s society.

Stefan Puchinger

Stefan is a business student with a specialization in finance and is working as Financial Analyst in a pharmaceutical company. While writing his masters thesis about follow-up financing of startups in Austria, his enthusiasm about innovation and entrepreneurship was triggered. His good understanding of numbers, and his drive for making an impact combined with his out-of-the-box thinking style gained through two semesters abroad are two of his greatest assets that he is looking forward to share with his fellow students in Austin.

Monique Schlömmer

Monique is currently studying at the Vienna University of Economics and Business with specialisation in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Beside her study, she gathered a broad range of job experience such as sales in the B2B incoming travel agency branche, market entry strategies for the Middle East sector and technology transfer projects with various research institutes. Due to all these impressions she identifiyed entrepreneurship and innovation as her passion and the branche where she wants to start a career in the future.

Bianca Tanase 

“Strive for the impossible to create the possible” is one of Bianca’s principles in life. She is enthusiastic about activating potentials – her own and those of others, and among her many passions and interests you can also find languages, of which she speaks five fluently. With a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, she volunteers at AustrianStartups and TEDxVienna while working in digital consulting and getting ready for a Master’s program in Strategy and Innovation.

Roland Tomaschitz

Roland studies International Management at the University of Klagenfurt and is a passionate soccer and fitness enthusiast. He worked as Managing Director for the student-run business consultancy uniforce Consulting and lived in the US, Russia, China and Germany for studying and internships. In today’s business environment he considers diversity as the key to create something big.

Lukas Weise

Lukas studies International Business Administration at Vienna University of Economics and Business. Next to his studies, he co-founded the investment club WUTIS, volunteered at an incubator program in New York for six months, won the Austrian CFA Institute Research Challenge for his university and worked in Corporate Finance. After his undergraduate studies, he will be interning at a bulge-bracket bank in Frankfurt, where he is excited to pursue his enthusiasm for numbers and learn more about numerous business models.

Lisa Sophie Zechmeister

Having just completed her degrees in International Business and Comparative Literature, Sophie is travelling the world and following her passions of observing human behavior and cultures across the globe. After working in the film industry, academia, creating her own media start-up and training to be a yoga teacher, she is excited to look for a project to combine her many and diverse interests.