Bolster Entrepreneurship On Your Campus

3 Day Startup is a global non-profit organization that runs entrepreneurship education programs at universities like yours, and if you want to amplify your university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, then you’ve landed in the right place. To begin, watch the video, click through the slide deck, then choose your path. We look forward to hearing from you!

Running a 3 Day Startup program takes 2-3 months of hard work with a dedicated, interdisciplinary team. As a lead organizer, you will be expected to build an organizing team, determine a date and venue for your program, secure mentors and panelists, promote the program throughout your university and local community, handle logistics during the program, and find sponsorships to help cover the program fees and expenses. Are you up for the challenge? Confirm your commitment to elevate student entrepreneurship on your campus with a 3 Day Startup representative and click “Yes, Absolutely” below.