Communications Manager/Program Manager

We are seeking a dual role communications manager (write and distribute blog, publication, website, and marketing materials content) and program manager (helping generate, manage, and deliver 3DS programs).

The communications aspects place an emphasis on Public Relations and Communications–to execute PR and thought leadership strategy to spark new leads for 3 Day Startup programs.

These leads will take the shape of university administrators, professors, students and others connected to university communities. This person would join as a full-time staff member of the 3 Day Startup crew with potential for advancement, future leadership and/or closely mentoring 3DS organizers and participants.


  • Getting pieces published in sources of interest to 3 Day Startup audiences. These pieces aim to observe and relate the state of and innovations within the entrepreneurship, startup, and entrepreneurship education communities
  • Using a data-driven approach to analysing and maximizing the effectiveness of this communications strategy
  • Collaborating to create marketing content for 3DS university programs (audience: staff, professors, students), enterprise programs (audience: corporates), and nonprofit fundraising (audience: grant-making foundations and donors)
  • Writing and producing compelling pieces about the individuals, communities and outcomes of 3DS programs
  • Guiding 3DS organizing teams through the program creation process
  • Fostering entrepreneurial communities through developing the leadership of local 3DS organizing teams

Qualifications required:

  • 4+ years experience collaborating with Content Marketing or PR professionals
  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to marketing, communications or entrepreneurship
  • Strong writing skills coupled with experience regularly creating engaging, targeted content and promoting the reach of said content (i.e., you understand that your work is just starting after you hit the “publish” button)
  • Depth of experience with startups strongly preferred
  • Excitement about entrepreneurship, startups, and university-level education
  • Interest in a role with business development and partnership components

If you’re interested in applying for this position, email us ( the following:

  • Your resume
  • 1 paragraph description of why you are a good fit for the position
  • 1 paragraph description of your motivations for getting involved
  • (OPTIONAL): 1  paragraph of original text describing why entrepreneurship education is important