Program Manager/Brand Journalist

The experience of entrepreneurship unlocks human potential in powerful and unique ways. 3DS programs train participants to start companies: an act of creation charged with hope, promise, and potential. This experience transforms both the budding entrepreneur and the people their new venture serves. For students, the practice of entrepreneurship instills confidence, motivation, and hustle. For communities, entrepreneurship grows economies, creates jobs, and brings people together to solve problems.

Over the last eight years, more than 8,500 students at 125 universities, colleges, and high schools have learned entrepreneurship the 3 Day Startup way: discovering customers and validating markets, iterating, prototyping, and learning-by-doing. 3DS continues to increase the scale, scope, and quality of immersive entrepreneurship education.

Joining the 3DS team is a great adventure. You will see all corners of the earth where you will meet amazing current and future entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors. You will gain first-hand experience with numerous startup opportunities, new technologies, and experiments testing the limits of caffeinated entrepreneurs. Our crew is headquartered in Austin. Come join us!

We seek an extremely versatile person for an entry-level, full-time role at 3DS. The position has two major facets:

  • Program manager: help generate, manage, and deliver 3DS programs
  • Brand Journalist: write, design, and distribute blog, publication, website, and sales materials content


  • Guiding 3DS organizing teams through the program creation process
  • Fostering entrepreneurial communities through developing the leadership of local 3DS organizing teams
  • Attending 3 Day Startup programs as a program facilitator
  • Tracking and assisting the organizing progress for new 3DS programs
  • Collaborating to create and edit thought leadership content for 3DS university programs (audience: staff, professors, students) and nonprofit fundraising purposes (audience: grant-making foundations, major donors, and our alumni)
  • Writing and producing compelling pieces about the individuals, communities and outcomes of 3DS programs across multiple media formats. These pieces aim to observe and relate the state of and innovations within the entrepreneurship, startup, and entrepreneurship education communities
  • Using a data-driven approach to analyzing and maximizing the effectiveness of this communications strategy

Qualifications required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to marketing, communications, journalism, business, or technology
  • Strong writing skills coupled with experience regularly creating engaging, targeted, insightful content and promoting the reach of said content
  • Extreme attention to detail, especially as it relates to grammar, formatting, and design
  • Preference for experience with: WordPress/blogging, design/layout, photography, image and video editing (not required at a professional level but you should be at least as good as a teenager in 2016)
  • Excitement about entrepreneurship, startups, and university-level education

Our team and culture is special and we are protective of it; this will not be an easy or fast hire. The evaluation process will involve an “audition” (a deliverable so we can get a sense of your output/work product) and 2-4 interviews to fully understand your hunger, ability to contribute, and willingness to grow in a challenging work environment.

Minimum Salary: $35,000 depending on experience

Interesting in Joining the Team?