VP of Enterprise Programs

Context: The 3DS organization has discovered compelling opportunities to implement the 3DS model as a corporate innovation tool. Entrepreneurial principles such as learning-by-doing, rapid prototyping, customer discovery and more present promising avenues for identifying and validating areas for new markets, product enhancements, and revenues in a corporate context. This model, deployed with students, employees, or a combination of the two, has already delivered strong corporate innovation and company creation outcomes. This position exists to express and expand the potential behind 3DS programs inside the enterprise.


  • Develop and execute growth hacking strategies to generate large numbers of in- and out-of-network leads within target segments and leads for new enterprise program
  • Facilitate enterprise-focused programs and document the fruits of the process, methods, and outcomes for promotional material
  • Rapidly identify, evaluate, test and grow new enterprise program market segments in a rigorous, repeatable fashion
  • Create, develop, test, and execute new corporate innovation product opportunities
  • Develop leads through the sales funnel and manage stakeholder relationships

Qualifications required:

  • 6+ years management experience and a strong leadership and strategic background
  • Bachelor’s degree at minimum, MBA/master’s preferred
  • Extensive track developing and closing 5- and 6-figure innovation deals with minimal support
  • Possessing well-established corporate innovation thought leadership expertise through conference talks, published research, panel appearances, etc.
  • Extensive bizdev experience with a network of relationships including high-ranking innovation, technology, HR, venture arm, and R&D corporate leaders
  • Impeccable communication and leadership skills
  • Excitement about and the capacity for redefining the interaction between innovation, entrepreneurship, startups, and university-level education

Annual salary: $80,000+ depending on qualifications, commissions TBD

Keywords: Sales, Innovation, Corporate/Enterprise