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Yesterday, 3 Day Startup delivered its fifth executive education workshop with the McCombs Business School and University of Texas Austin.  The workshop, included as part of a larger 5-day program, delivered experiential education that pushes professionals to develop the entrepreneurial mindset required to spur innovation within established organizations.

3DS programming impacts students of all kinds, and its scope reaches far beyond university classrooms. This workshop, along with similar formats delivered to executive education students at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, reflects an increasing demand for professionals to learn entrepreneurial approaches to innovation and business.

These skills are critical to professionals in all fields looking to establish and expand their entrepreneurial mentality.  In many organizations, change is slow, hierarchy rigid, and creativity viewed as a risk.  Conversely, the rise of technology in an ever-competitive workplace necessitates that employees not only have the expertise to perform their job function, but also be adaptable and ambitious.  Through unique 3DS programming, professionals gain an entrepreneurial outlook by engaging in the very work that entrepreneurs do: create new ventures!  In these half and full day offerings, executives work in diverse groups to pitch their ideas, receive customer feedback, and challenge their assumptions in a risk-free environment conducive to learning.  

Organizations experience the most significant growth when professionals are given the space to engage in entrepreneurial thinking.  3DS empowers employees to step away from their routines, transform their ideas, and enact productive change within their organization.  One participant noted that “instead of coming up with a million reasons why we shouldn’t explore a new idea, we were given a space to actually make something happen.”