3 Day Startup Weekend at Dominican University of California

March 18 – 20, 2022


Sponsored by the Françoise O. Lepage Center for Global Innovation

3 Day Startup Foundations Entrepreneurship Weekend Intensive is a 72-hour experiential program that introduces entrepreneurship methods to students and aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds in an inclusive environment.

Students will learn how to recognize and act on opportunities in the market by designing a business model, developing a prototype, working with expert mentors, and pitching ideas.

You do not need any prior knowledge of entrepreneurship, business, or any other discipline, only an interest in tackling real-world problems. This program is open to all majors.

*Digital certificates to be issued upon program completion


Day 1, 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM: Participants log into Zoom at 4:30PM on Friday, March 18th. Teams form and facilitator leads the group through opportunity recognition, ideation methods, design thinking, and developing early concepts.

Day 2, 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM: Participants focus on business model formation. Teams conduct customer discovery, testing hypotheses, apply lean methodology, and receive feedback from mentors and peers.

Day 3, 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM: An intensive pitch workshop prepares teams to delivery strong pitches/demos before a panel of entrepreneurship and business experts.

*Flexible participation for other campus activities


Market Sizing Workshop

Date TBD


Missed the 3DS Weekend or looking for more exciting content? 3DS is hosting a 2-hr Market Sizing Workshop for 3DS weekend participants AND students who are just plain interested in growing their entrepreneurship knowledge.

Fill out this quick form to show your interest and availability in this short but powerful workshop.

Other Upcoming Events

Make-A-Thon: The Francoise O. Lepage Center for Global Innovation will be hosting a MAKE-A-THON in partnership with the Applied Computer Science Program at Dominican. Participants will work together to create a pitch & prototype, for a project. Projects can be anything: business ideas, software products, art proposals, etc. Everyone is allowed to participate. This is a great opportunity to build some awesome portfolio projects. This event will be held virtually on APRIL 1 – 2. Click here for more information and RSVP here.

Lepage Business Idea Competition: The annual competition, in partnership with the Small Business Development Center, is for Dominican University of California students and alumni. Participants pitch their innovative business ideas for products, services, or solutions to social issues to a panel of judges who evaluate their business models and provide constructive feedback. Pitches are judged on the merits of the problem, solution, target market and size, revenue model (including unit economics), competitor analysis, and go-to market strategy. The competition is an opportunity for participants to be creative and learn about launching a new venture, as well as network with potential mentors and investors. This event will be held virtually on APRIL 27. Click here for more information and apply here. APPLICATION SUBMISSION ROUND THURSDAY, APRIL 7.



Contact the Organizing Team 

For questions about the 3DS DUoC program, please email 3DS Director of Program Operations, Sophia Javaheri, at sophia@3daystartup.org

For other questions or information about the Françoise O. Lepage Center for Global Innovation, please click here.