3DS Enterprise Innovation

Innovation Through Entrepreneurship: Bringing Startup Practices to the Enterprise


“HomeAway is always looking for ways to innovate–we wanted a tool to keep the innovative mindsets in the culture. 3DS is fantastic for that.”

Ross Buhrdof
CTO, HomeAway

Established organizations admire startup entrepreneurs for their approaches to ideation, rapid execution, competition, and employee engagement. Many of the most world-changing ideas of the last few decades–from the shared economy to communication technology advances to crowdfunding to virtual reality–originated from startups.

3 Day Startup programs bring startup practices and mindsets to organizations eager to learn how startups innovate. This process provides entrepreneurial tactics and techniques to companies eager to use startup principles to generate promising ideas, advance projects, drive growth, and bolster competitive advantage. As markets shift and disruption spreads, it is the companies with employees who practice innovation that prosper.

Satisfied Customers

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What Are the Principles of Startup Innovation?
Startups focus on a few key activities and approaches that distinguish themselves from other organizations: startups regularly practice rapid prototyping, customer feedback, quick iterations, and learning-by-doing. These four principles–supported by elements of Open Innovation, the Lean Startup, and Design Thinking–permeate the 3DS experience.

The 3DS Workshop
3DS workshops and programs engage executives and employees through a sequence of experiential modules that use each of these four startup innovation principles to drive:

  • Creativity and Ideation
  • Problem/pain and opportunity identification
  • Critical thinking & problem solving abilities
  • Minimum viable solution creation, testing, and iteration
  • Better communication of ideas and pitching
  • Risk mitigation


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