3DS Executive Workshop


Have an idea for a product or a service? Ever wanted to start a company?

Learn How to Start a Company the 3DS Way: by Starting a Company!

3 Day Startup (“3DS”) instills hands-on entrepreneurship skills at universities (Harvard, MIT, University of Texas), established enterprises (HomeAway, RetailMeNot, BASF) and now individuals. On the November 6th, 7th, and 8th, the 3DS organization will deliver a three day workshop to aspiring company founders.

Less Talking, More Doing

The 3DS model has gained traction across the world because of a relentless focus on learning-by-doing. Practice and experience wins over theory everytime. Every module of the 3DS Executive workshop touches key entrepreneurial practices such as failing fast, customer feedback, and rapid prototyping.

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Techstars Austin Office: 412 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701, USA

TechStars Austin

Techstars Austin Office: 412 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701, USA


Cam Houser

CEO, 3 Day Startup
Professor of Entrepreneurship, McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin

Raised by an entrepreneur and an accountant, dinner conversation at the Houser household often revolved around topics such as new ventures and spreadsheets. Cam’s first job out of college involved growing the customer service department at Amplifier (the company responsible for ecommerce/fulfillment of 16 million Livestrong wristbands) from 2 to 25 people. While pursuing his MBA degree he discovered a passion for entrepreneurship education and founded 3 Day Startup, a global organization dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship and innovation skills in a university environment. As CEO of 3 Day Startup, he regularly travels the world teaching entrepreneurship principles to be more successful with their ventures, projects, and lives.

Program Coordinator

Jeff Levine

Program Coordinator, 3 Day Startup

Jeff brings 30 years of diverse experience founding startups in consumer electronics (design and manufacturing), mail order (call center and logistics), fitness (Krav Maga Martial Arts Training Centers, CrossFit gyms), government contracting, and data acquisition/analysis for risk management and employment screening applications.

He also served as the Chief Combatives Instructor for the US Army 75th Training Battalion at Fort Hood, and is the Author of “The Everything Krav Maga for Fitness” book.

He now spends his time and energy consulting and mentoring entrepreneurs of all stripes, advising lifestyle company founders to rapidly scalable tech founding teams.

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I’m interested in learning how to found a [software/technology/product/services] company? Is this workshop right for me?


This program focus on core entrepreneurial principles and practices that are applicable to all types of early stage ventures. The 3 Day Startup organization has delivered programs for founders and innovators in sectors such as tech, culinary, nonprofit, and more.


I thought the 3DS program was free to participate. Why is 3DS charging for this?


3DS programs are free for college students. The 3DS Executive workshop is designed for a non-faculty, non-student audience with an assumption that workshop participants have “day jobs” and busy lives. Course content is adjusted for those with varying degrees of professional experience. Importantly, this workshop will involve significantly more one-on-one time with instructors. All meals will be covered at the workshop.


What’s the attire for the workshop?


Attire is casual.


What skillsets, backgrounds, and experience are required for this course?


This course is ideal for individuals who have a desire to eventually become a founder but are unsure of where to start. Participants range from those curious about the startup experience to founders who are stuck at some point in the early stage venture process. Most but not all participants are professionals.


I work for a larger, more established company; will this course benefit me in my current job?


Intrapreneurs–entrepreneurial innovators in existing orgs–face many of the same challenges that new company founders face. From pitching to rapid prototyping, the takeaways of this course are applicable in a corporate environment as well.


What is the refund policy?


You have 7 days before the workshop begins to request a refund.

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