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Youth voices are important to include and amplify in digital media and entrepreneurship education; they allow us to assess and redesign programs to be more equitable and inclusive – with the goal of providing a seat at a table that promotes visibility and better opportunities for them.

This year, we were honored to recruit and onboard the young and powerful voice, G.E. Loveless. They now serve as our Associate of Programs & Volunteers for 3 Day Startup where they are dedicated to curate spaces and create opportunities for young people like themselves who are impact-driven.

3DS’s mission is to create opportunity and build community through entrepreneurship education that is dynamic and inclusive. Loveless quotes that they connect with this mission by:

“Being a social entrepreneur that is empowered by community-driven and youth-focused programming”  and, ”understanding the importance of equipping oneself with an entrepreneurial mindset in order to be a resource in your community.”

Young people can be discouraged when they encounter lack of connectivity and intention in their communities. With Loveless, 3DS is better equipped to bridge the gap and create impact, with and for, youth and young professionals around the world.

“To add value, my personal mission is to curate spaces that promote equity, visibility and opportunity for young people In Central Texas. I co-founded a non-profit named, Elevate Your Essence (EYE), which works to cultivate and empower the brand, influence and voice of young people in Central Texas. Elevate Your Essence came to fruition from my own personal and professional journey as an AfroQueer community leader and, once upon a time ago, a college student. Currently, EYE is working on Project ELEVATE which is a community-driven city-wide initiative dedicated to expanding opportunity and implementing strategies for engagement with the children and youth of Manor, Texas.”

Founders of Elevate your Essence ( Left: Corey Alan, Strategic Alliances Director. Center: G.E. Loveless, Co-Founder and Executive Director. Right:
Chas Brown, Social Impact Director.)

From their journey as a AfroQueer community leader, non-profit Co-Founder, and the Associate Director of Programs for 3DS; they say that the best advice for ANY young entrepreneur is, “Be curious and adventurous – Start a business, invest in a startup, volunteer at an organization that will elevate YOU and your talents! There are 1 million ways to create change, but you are unique in how you own your voice and your platform. DO NOT be afraid to fail, DO NOT be afraid to be unapologetic in who you are and take RISKS. You got this.”

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