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This past month, from July 7-9 we had the privilege of welcoming over 200 aspiring and established entrepreneurs from inside and outside the 3DS family to Capital Factory in Austin, TX for our Global Roundup conference.

This was our third year hosting the conference, and it was our most exciting one yet.

Attendees came in from all around the US, the UK, Austria, and the 9,000 miles from Melbourne to join us for two packed days of speakers, workshops, VR, and networking. But we know that many of our amazing mentors and alumni couldn’t join us these year, so we want to break down what happened for all of you.

Here are some of the highlights from the 2017 Global Roundup:

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1. Immersive VR Demos that put our attendees in the middle of the action

We started the day off with VR demos from the Capital Factory VR lab to give attendees some first hand experience with one of the most exciting new technologies coming to market –– and let them have a lot of fun, too.

These demos continued on into lunch the first day and there was always a line full of attendees eager to experience the games for the first time.

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2. Cam Doody’s Opening Keynote

Bellhops (one of our awesome sponsors) sent their Cofounder, Cam Doody, to share his company’s journey, his thoughts on building the right culture early, and what it takes to get started –– while keeping the audience in stitches the whole time. Not to mention teaching us all a foolproof secret to recruiting great talent for your company (trust us on this and watch the video).

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3. Expert Insights on Practical Skills like SEO and Talking Equity with your Cofounder

This year at Global Roundup, we learned that attendees were hungry for sessions where they could immediately apply the information to their startups. Two of the most popular sessions practical sessions were Talking Equity With Your Cofounder and our SEO Workshop

These sessions were packed full of attendees who wanted to gain the practical skills they need to start taking their ideas off of the ground and turning them into viable ventures. Our amazing speakers and panelists shared their tips and tricks for all of the attendees –– like how to conduct keyword research, what should be on your checklist for good SEO, and what a standard equity agreement could look like.

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4. The Build My App Pitch Competition

There are countless students with ideas, but they don’t always have someone to help them build these ideas out. In its second iteration this year, Build My App had attendees deliver live pitches to a panel of developers for a chance to get their app built in a 24 hour hackathon.

All participants were challenged to build out a wireframe –– an essential process of software development that requires zero coding skills ––of their app. After 11 pitches, one winner was chosen to have his idea brought to life.

This competition was one of our favorite new additions to this year’s conference. And we know this year’s winner, Nitin Vignesh Bati, will go on to do incredible things. His project was designed to help food banks eliminate wasted days in the food shipment process, helping get food to hungry people more quickly. We are honored to have been a part of his journey.

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5. Andy Tryba of Ride Austin Opening Day Two

Last year, Uber and Lyft made waves by leaving Austin, opening up opportunities for new rideshare apps to join the market.

Ride Austin was one such app. To set it apart from the competition, Ride Austin incorporated as a nonprofit to benefit many Austin charities. Founder and CEO Andy Tryba spoke to attendees about how he made the decision to start Ride Austin, what’s happened now that Uber and Lyft have returned, and what they can do to build a successful app for a two-sided marketplace.

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6. When Startups Fail –– With 3DS CEO Cam Houser

Failure is an integral part of startup culture and building successful startups. But, too often, entrepreneurs are reluctant to talk about their failures publicly and all the learning from that failure disappears. 3DS CEO Cam Houser held a packed session on what happens when startups fail, what the types of failure founders might experience are, and how we can learn from them.

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7. Melanie Weinberger’s Powerful Closing Keynote

Wellshift CEO and Founder, Melanie Weinberger closed out our conference with her a powerful and uplifting story about finding her purpose as an entrepreneur and reaching success and happiness from the inside out. Weinberger emphasized the importance of personal wellness as a crucial factor to success as an entrepreneur, discussing how changes in diet, sleep, and breathing altered her whole perspective on her venture.

We want to thank all of our incredible speakers and volunteers for making this year’s conference a fantastic success. And a special thank you to our sponsors: Capital Factory, Texas MSTC, Bellhops, Foster Global, Sway Water, and 9 Banded Whiskey! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Tickets for Global Roundup 2018 are on sale now! Grab your ticket today. We can’t wait to see you all next year!


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