3 Day Startup Global Roundup @ Porto

For the first time in our history we are inviting our entire global network to Austin, Texas and Porto, Portugal concurrently for a global roundup happening June 12-14.

Porto, the undefeated city, is all about heart and charisma.

Here, culture meets innovation and history meets the future.

Once you arrive expect warm welcomes, great food and amazing weather!


Here we feel cozy, we feel at home. We develop a feeling of ownership with every landmark, with every street. The city is ours. 

 –  Eduardo Aires, Porto’s new Visual Identity

ALIADOS AVENUE ( Event venue ) 

from airport
Approx. 22 min 41º13’11”N / 8º33’42”W
Exit at the station Porto – São Bento
Take the bus number 601/602 and get off at Cordoaria.
Take the purple (E) line to Estádio do Dragão and get off at Trindade. Change to the yellow line (D) to Santo Ovídio and get off at Aliados.

PORTO CRUZ ( Meet&Greet venue ) 

from Aliados Av.
Approx. 10 min
Espaço Porto Cruz Largo Miguel Bombarda, N.º23 4400 – 222 Vila Nova de Gaia
Take the bus 900/901/906 and get off at Sandeman Cellars (Caves).
Take the yellow line (D) to Santo Ovídio and get off at Jardim do Morro.



How do I get to the Global Roundup?

That’s entirely up to you! Get some friends together and make it into a road trip, or get a plane ticket.
We’re fully available to help you planning it! Unfortunately, 3DS does not have the ability to cover airfare or lodging.



Why should I come to the Global Roundup? What’s in it for me?

First off, it is a great way to meet some amazing people. 3DSers are awesome folks who make exciting things happen.
If you are working on launching your company, we are putting together a lot of content to help you do just that.
If you are building up the entrepreneurial eco-system in your community we believe that the panels, speakers and meetings will be a great asset in propelling you forward.



Where should I stay?

There will be several options.
We are blocking off some rooms in hostels in the heart of Porto. For people who don’t want to go the hostel route, we are looking into hotels in the area. Reach us for help!



Why do I have to buy a ticket?

We really need to keep track of everyone attending to assure you the best possible experience!



I am an international. Can 3DS help me with a visa to do the Global Roundup?

Good question! We are currently looking into this as a possibility. Feel free to ask for a formal invitation.



I have never done a 3DS. Do I have to get a “non-3DS” ticket?

That depends. The non-3DS tickets are really meant for faculty and professionals who are looking to network, learn and scope out talent. If you feel like you have a special case for getting the cheaper 3DS ticket, let me know: duarte@3daystartup.org