A chance for having fun, meeting amazing people, discussing your ideas & pitching investors.

 Friday, 12th @ Porto Cruz Space

Meet & Greet by Porto Cruz


A gathering in a 360º terrace lounge on the riverside. The bar in the rooftop lets you enjoy the amazing view while sipping a glass of Port Wine.


 Welcome Tour


A small tour around the Roundup’s host city. Meet Port’s key spots while enjoying our best “tapas” in the most celebrated taverns. The bravest can stay a little longer and experience a bit of our nightlife.

 Saturday, 13th @ AXA Building


  Pitch your city  …………………………


A set of flash-pitches introducing the startup scenes of 3DSers attending the Global Roundup.

Pitching investors in Europe vs US


Reviewing the main differences between pitching investors with asymetrical backgrounds.

    Launching without     funding


The importance of getting customers before investors.


   Startups in unlikely   places


Launching your startup in a place that is not Silicon Valley, NYC neither London nor Berlin.

 A view on Social Entrepreneurship


Analyzing the impact of social businesses in a startup ecosystem.

     Choosing the right    team


Assessing the balance between skills vs cultural fit throghout a startup’s lifetime.


Global Roundup Meetup by Porto i/o


A low key meetup with the Portuguese startup scene powered by Porto i/o, a recent co-working space and the city’s tech hub.

 3DS University of Awesome


A 3 Day Startup parody, starring you.

Investment Pitching Sessions


One-on-one meetings between participants and BA’s & VC’s.

 Sunday, 14th @ UPTEC – Creative Industries


 Crowdfunding Workshop by PPL


Do you have a startup or idea to be crowdfunded at the Global Roundup? An intro talk will be followed by a hands-on workshop approach on some selected projects.




 Thinking over 3DS in Europe


Brainstorming ideas and discussing guidelines for the future of 3DS in good old Europe. Inputs from the crowd are encouraged and highly welcomed.




        Closing remarks         – 3DS Townhall –


3DS CEO Cam Houser will be giving a brief history of 3 Day Startup, followed by your chance to decide the future. Input from the crowd will be voted up or down.