Opening Keynote – Cam Doody, CEO of Bellhops

Cam Doody talks about his experience cofounding Bellhops, nominated as the “best new startup” by Tech Crunch in 2014. From a college student with a cool idea to a thriving startup that has raised over $20 million, Cam has incredible wisdom to impart at the Global Roundup.

Virtual Reality – More than Gaming

Few emerging technologies are more promising than virtual reality. This workshop + demo is about exploring questions on the present and future of virtual reality.

Build My App Competition

Do you have an idea for an app? Need someone to build it for you? Global Roundup attendees will have the chance to pitch their app to a panel of developers from Austin Coding Academy. Three winning submissions will be selected and built over the next 24 hours.

Customer Acquisition Costs

While having a product customers want is crucial, knowing how much it costs to generate each new customers is nearly as important. Startups that understand customer acquisition costs can answer big questions about the feasibility of their business model.