Come Together

7pm – Midnight

A gathering of amazing people. RSVP not necessary for Friday night, so invite your friends. Cuvee serves beer as well as the best coffee in Austin. The venue is open to minors.



Brunch with Investors


If you’ve ever wanted to meet investors, have a company that needs funding, or just want to know how investors think, this gathering is for you.

Drinks and food will be provided.

MVP Workshop


We’ve all heard talk about minimum viable products, but what is an MVP? How do you find the right balance to give your customers just the right amount of what they need? Whether you have a fully built prototype, or fledgling idea, bring it to the MVP workshop.

Fireside Chat on Accelerators and Investors


An illuminating and compelling chat on accelerators and investors. We’ll pull no punches.

3DS University of Awesome


Pitch your lousiest idea for a startup at this parody of a 3DS program. The winner will bring home the illustrious Golden Startup Award.

Drinks and food will be provided.


3DS Townhall


3DS CEO Cam Houser will be giving a brief history of 3 Day Startup, followed by your chance to decide the future. Input from the crowd will be voted up or down.

Plan B for Entrepreneurs


Our first ideas for startups don’t always work. Play it well and you can stay on your feet. Learn how from some of the best.

Crowdfunding Workshop


How exactly does one launch a crowdfunding campaign? An intro talk will be followed by a workshop to get your startup prepared for a crowdfunding campaign. This workshop will be run concurrently with Design Thinking.


Design Thinking Workshop


Clarifying assumptions and creating experiments to generate useful data is one of the most important elements for any startup. In this workshop, you will learn how to effectively articulate the assumptions behind an early stage business concept or initiative through design-specific cognitive activities. You will then build a plan of design experiments to effectively produce data that will allow you to fail fast, learn quickly, and invest precious resources wisely.



Cuvee Coffee Bar

Good vibes and good drinks. Cuvee is located at 2000 E 6th St. There is a b-cycle station located on the block for easy car-fee transportation.

Capital Factory

Austin’s premier co-working space will be our home for Saturday and Sunday. Located on the 16th floor of 701 Brazos St in the Omni building.

Where to Stay


Firehouse Youth Hostel

Right across the street from Capital Factory. Email and tell her you’re with 3 Day Startup (and do it soon to make sure you get a bed!).

(512) 201-2522

Omni Hotel

The Omni is in the same building as Capital Factory, so feel free to meander over in your slippers.

(512) 476-3700




Sign up now for a membership card (it will be mailed to you). You can grab a car2go from anywhere and drop it off (almost) anywhere.


Bcycle is one of the best ways to get around town. There are pick up and drop off stations all over downtown. A weekend pass is only $15.