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by G.E. Loveless


In today’s classrooms, workspaces and even homes, equity is at the heart of a person and their company in relation to its branding, programming and potential community impact. Equity is not only at the heart of a person and their company, but it strengthens its framework and diversifies executive leadership with a mission of intent in aspects of achieving digital, social and racial solutions aimed to be community-led and inclusive.

Grassroots and non-profit organizations as well as socially conscious start-ups are all players leading the effort to incorporate equity into their mission, values, and impact for programs, products, and/or services. Young leaders are centering equity into their brand (digital media), programs, and strategies for social change in order to provide communities with human-centered experiences that can have enduring impact.

3 Day Startup wishes to equip young entrepreneurs with knowledge and tools to build equity within their ventures from the start.   It is both possible and necessary to bring diverse insight and voice to the table in an effort to amplify your company’s work in the markets and communities you are serving. 

Equity ensures everyone has access to the same treatment, opportunities, and advancement. Equity aims to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent the full participation of historically underserved groups. It is important to remember that equity IS NOT equality.  

Ready To Start Your Company’s Journey Towards Equity?

  1. Examine & Revamp Your Brand

A company’s brand is more than a color palette and logo. Brand represents vision, mission, voice, values – it is arguably one of your organization’s most important assets. It gives your company an identity, makes your company stand out to your competitors, elevates your digital marketing and advertising strategies, and brings your employees pride. Review your brand, or if you have not started that journey, begin tailoring who your company is as a brand through an equity-lens.  3DS has done this type of work in 2021 and will continue as we learn and grow. 

  1. Ensure DEI is integrated to all parts of your company’s infrastructure

A diverse and inclusive environment establishes a sense of belonging among employees. When employees feel more connected at work, they tend to work harder and smarter, producing higher quality work. As a result, companies that adopt D&I practices see huge gains in the form of business results, innovation, and decision-making. For example , companies that create a DEI Statement to showcase their commitment to inclusivity will grow their customer base of socially conscious consumers.  Inclusive design teams benefit from diverse perspectives and the resulting innovation to create products and services that fit the needs of emerging customer profiles. Developing a better system to hire individuals that reflect the communities your company serves results in more engagement and trust among employees.  Expanding recruitment searches to more diverse candidates—including background, ethnicity, age, etc.—widens your talent pool and increases your chances of finding the best hire.  Hiring more diverse individuals is crucial in attracting more interested, qualified applicants.

  1. Invite Community Leaders To Add  To Your DEI-Driven Goals

Build a council of community stakeholders to lean on for insight and support while navigating the DEI space and implementing practices that fit your company’s vision. Community leaders are always open to providing their expertise and voice for those who are focused on curating spaces, in-person and digital, that are safe and inclusive for underserved communities. Do not ever be shy to ask for assistance from your community as you build your strategies and solutions to accomplishing equity on all fronts.

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