Commitment to

Equity and Inclusion Decision-Making Leadership People Strategy Partnerships Culture Communications

3 Day Startup denounces any form of systemic or incidental oppression. We vehemently reject oppressive practices based on race, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, immigration status, language, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, disability, religion, and any other identities.

3 Day Startup actively opposes any actions that are contrary to our mission, vision, and values. We believe it is our duty to engage in practices that affirm the identities and perspectives of all members of our community.
Acknowledging that oppression is multi-faceted, we seek to enhance our policies and practices to reflect the individuals and communities we serve. Our organization commits to the following:

Inclusive Decision-Making

We engage in collaborative decision-making processes that seek to minimize the adverse and disproportionate impact on our community.
This process involves engaging the following practices: seeking input from the group(s) who will be impacted most by a decision, soliciting feedback from diverse stakeholders, and leveraging proven solutions implemented in a similar context.
3 Day Startup commits to annually developing and reviewing our policies and procedures.

Inclusive Leadership

We believe that we will achieve our mission through inclusive, representative leadership. To this end, we maintain a board, staff, and volunteer/advisory corps that is diverse and reflective of the communities we serve while actively seeking advice from groups not yet represented.

Inclusive People Strategy

We understand that only a highly-skilled, diverse team is suitable to carry out the mission and vision of 3 Day Startup.  We make all reasonable efforts to recruit, retain, and promote such talented individuals.
This includes, but is not limited to, prioritizing outreach to underrepresented groups in our recruitment, enacting a rigorous and asset-based selection process, and providing bi-annual anonymous surveys.
We will also analyze data annually to ensure our team, training, and mentoring environments do not disproportionately isolate groups historically marginalized.

Inclusive Partnerships

We seek to partner with mission-aligned individuals and organizations committed to employing equitable practices; this includes actions that take place outside of the 3 Day Startup community.
Our vendor selection process will generate a portfolio of organizations led by individuals reflective of our learners and partners, which will be achieved by eliminating unnecessary barriers in the proposal process and prioritizing organizations owned and operated by New Majority groups.

Inclusive Culture

We will maintain high professional standards for our team and volunteers. That is, we will acknowledge differences, promote inclusivity, and seek to maximize our organization’s health and well-being.
We will collaborate with volunteers and partners from diverse backgrounds to support emerging entrepreneurs in dynamic education, training, and leadership development.
We commit to fostering safe and inclusive training environments that value individual experiences, spark healthy debate, and invite fresh perspectives within our communities of practice.

Inclusive Communications

We empower a diverse set of stakeholders with the ability to make informed decisions by ensuring that all communication from our board and staff are accessible, transparent, and strives to be conscious of intent, impact, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) best practices.
In addition to looking within our organization and all the extraordinary people who come together to support 3 Day Startup learners achieve lifelong success, we commit ourselves to be vocal in advocating for change at industry, community, ecosystem, regional, state, and national levels to ensure social and economic systems of oppression are dismantled.