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Entrepreneurship education that is dynamic and inclusive

3 Day Startup (3DS) is a nonprofit organization supporting early stage entrepreneurs on their journey from idea to building successful businesses for profit and impact.

We understand the complexities of executing ideas and the specific challenges faced by underrepresented groups.

Communities need diverse sets of young people leading design, innovation, and business.  Our global network supports youth entrepreneurs and innovators by providing access to training, mentoring, community, customers, and capital.

3DS programs build pathways to include more young people in entrepreneurship and innovation – specifically those impacted by social and economic inequality. 

Preparing Young People for the Future

Entrepreneurial skills and mindset are necessary to launch a small business and prepared for the future of work in a global economy.

Participants build entrepreneurial mindsets, skills, and ventures that advance sustainable development. They leverage lived-experience, acquired knowledge, and leadership skills to advocate for spaces that will substantially improve access to entrepreneurship education, careers, and entrepreneurial activity.

Programming Overview

LEARN: Participants develop mindsets, skills, and new ventures.

CREATE: Participants leverage their voices and perspectives to raise awareness for inclusive entrepreneurship.

LEAD: Participants are matched to entrepreneurial mentors, ecosystem partners, and apprenticeships.  All program participants showcase their work to education leaders, sector experts, and government officials working towards inclusive entrepreneurship.

Systemic Solutions

Too many young people have limited access to entrepreneurship education, training, and mentoring to provide support for their career and venture development. 

Students who receive entrepreneurship training and mentorship have an increased likelihood of experiencing career success, becoming entrepreneurs, and running successful businesses.

3DS programs are building new systems that enable more young people to pursue entrepreneurship, thrive in careers, and to create the future.

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