Panelist Guide

Panelist Guide: Role of 3 Day Startup Panelists

The role of a panelist is to give feedback and advice for the road ahead. Most university students are fledgling entrepreneurs and at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey. Unlike a business plan competition, there is no winner or prize (this tends to decrease collaboration). The goal is for all of the teams to get the advice and connections they need to succeed in getting to their next step, which is usually a better understanding of their market and the problem their venture solves and eventually investment and/or product release.  The specific advice from panelists might touch on topics as follows:

  1. Identify the real value of the product
  2. Identify the major challenges the team faces
  3. Describe some next steps the team might take
  4. Introduce the team to the people in the local startup community they should know

Program Schedule

Day 3 final pitches usually start at 6 or  7 pm and last for about an hour. Attire is casual or business casual.