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Meet Phannuel, Associate Director of Business Development at 3 Day Startup!

Phannuel Mijoge is an IT professional turned project manager. He began his career as an IT assistant at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Kenya, where he successfully managed server operating system upgrades as well as implementing general IT equipment SOPs. Since then, Phannuel has supported the successful scaling of two social enterprises through client management, operations, and administrative support.

Phannuel shared his insights about his commitment to the 3DS mission and his advice for young entrepreneurs. Get to know Phannuel a little bit more and say hello!

  • What about 3DS’s mission inspires you?

I consider myself a product of social entrepreneurship and it’s my ambition to see a lot more individuals attain entrepreneurial literacy for a proficient tomorrow’s generation. Also, having unique ways of approaching problems is a big hack in the modern work space and 3DS equips individuals with that by molding successful entrepreneurs to make smart decisions and innovate in the face of challenges.

  • What is your personal mission in the universe? 

My personal mission is to help nurture a future generation of skillful and socially aware entrepreneurs who are able to innovate even with limited capabilities. My background is dotted with failures and discouragements that became a norm until I met the right people who encouraged me to create my niche and stop taking a back seat to let “okay be okay.” I learned that “okay” is never enough, and this has helped me continue scaling my career ladder in not only developing myself but also communities that I’ve dwelt among. I’ve for instance, in partnership with my colleague, been able to start a virtual assistance company that seeks to provide employment opportunities for most graduates in Africa by connecting them to American startups. I’ve also managed to use social media in a positive way by encouraging and organizing digital nomads to visit different parts of Africa, Caribbean and Asia.

  • Any advice for entrepreneurs that want to make positive change in the world?

Avoid comfort zones and be go-getters! Being a go-getter puts you alongside the modern changing optics in entrepreneurship and most importantly making you self aware to be ready to innovate anytime.

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