We deliver experiential learning for innovation, new ventures, and entrepreneurial careers.
Our workshops cultivate mindsets, develop skills, and grow startups from idea to product.

Bootcamps & Workshops


We utilize best in cutting edge training from startup ecosystems and higher education.


We prioritize equity and ensure underrepresented founders feel affirmed, supported, and inspired.


Our facilitators and mentors are experienced founders to ensure founder and venture success.

“The facilitator was very engaging, able to inspire others, knowledgeable across disciplines (technical, media & business), and interculturally oriented.  This experience unlocked my entrepreneurial potential.”
“I really enjoyed the Entrepreneurial Foundations program and feel that I learned a lot that I can apply when founding my own venture.  Also, the selection of speakers and topics was very diverse”
"I loved the conversations leading to professional and personal growth . . "
“For our students, 3DS is invaluable. Their approach to engaging students includes a focus on diversity and inclusion, experiential techniques, up to date information, and individualized mentoring. The support and engagement continues for students past the actual event; they comment on the ongoing support from facilitators and mentors in addition to the opportunity to engage with resources within and beyond their own community.”
Strome Entrepreneurial Center

Entrepreneurial Foundations

Entrepreneurial Foundations introduces principles of entrepreneurship and innovation (design thinking, lean methodology, and agile management) through experiential learning & reflection.  Curriculum prepares students to identify opportunities for new ventures,  understand customer needs, design solutions, and pitch viable business concepts that demonstrate strong problem-solution fit and the potential for both impact and profit.

Entrepreneurial Momentum

Entrepreneurial Momentum is curriculum to support students develop business concept from problem-solution fit to product-market fit and profitable commercialization.  Topics include product development, marketing, branding & sales, and raising capital.  All training emphasizes business models that transform economic systems and advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is a holistic and equity-focused approach toward developing business models social impact.  Participants examine the ways that personal identity and socialization inform our mindsets and beliefs toward and strategy for social impact and entrepreneurial endeavors for change. Participants learn a variety of business models for social entrepreneurship including community-based organizations, direct service programs, and social enterprises.


Intrapreneurship is a training series designed for young people interested in changing the ways existing companies do business by implementing innovation, corporate social responsibility, and social business into an organizational context.  Students learn strategies to manage innovation, garner support, and lead teams to make change from within.


Training designed for K-16 educators and team leaders. Equip yourself with strategies to develop creativity and entrepreneurial mindsets in young people, lead innovative teams, and build programs that foster belonging.

Train the Trainer

Learn the 3DS Core Competency model and keys for successful implementation within your organization.

Professional Development

Learn frameworks and best practices for inspiring creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Coaching & Mentorship

Mentors work with participants to develop their ideas, expand their networks, and succeed in their careers.

Effective mentoring helps a variety of learners see themselves as entrepreneurs, enhancing their capabilities to succeed professionally and further their new business ideas.
33% of founders who were mentored by successful entrepreneurs go on to become top performers, compared with just 10% of all others.

Committed Mentors

Mentors are committed to the career development and venture success of participants. They share their experience, leverage their networks, and work to advance diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Industry Expertise

Mentors bring experience as founders and expertise from industries related to entrepreneurship such as product development, marketing, and finance.

“I learned so many things; it was one of the best experiences of my life. I met amazing people who made an early idea into something far bigger.

The mentors' advice was spot on and helped our team focus and improve our idea.”

Customized Workshops and Trainings

For customized or co-curricular trainings to meet your organization’s needs, reach out directly.

Ready to innovate!

3DS supports U.S. public schools and institutions in meeting requirements of the Perkins V Act.

Perkins V assists in expanding CTE programs in secondary education (grades 6-12), community colleges, and technical schools and offers support at the local level and in communities.  The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V) amended the Carl  D. Perkins Career and Technical Education (Perkins IV) Act of 2006 and reauthorized Perkins for six years.  The law took effect on July 1, 2019.